New video! March break riding

Well I decided to make a new movie, the riding isn’t that good and its a bit repetitive since riding terain is very limited right now. (I had to shovel out the rocks just to ride) but what else are you going to do with a week off school and a brand new camera?

you tube link coming soon but untill then heres the gallery link…

Marck Break Riding!!!

damn now I can’t play ANY videos in the gallery! It says I need a missing plugin, but when I click to install it says “no suitible plugins were found” ANy ideas? I’m running Windows vista. Edit: It works fine with IE-7. Just my default Mozilla won’t play it.

don’t know what thats aboot, but I just have to wait for youtube to upload the vid then I can post the link

you need to improve you sidehop!


try not to just film the wheel. It gets kinda lame.


I know I know, I’ll work hard, you see, you see