New video: MAINEly Uni

This is my second video, more verity than my first, and some improvements in skills.

The footage is in chronological order, the snow part was filmed yesterday.

It’s called “MAINEly Uni” because that’s where I live and what I do.

Filming locations were:
My front yard
My back yard
My neighbor’s front lawn (don’t tell)
Across the street
Fort Williams
South Portland High School

Enjoy and tell me what you think

Very nice.

Cool video! Lots of variety!

how did you make your gallery?

Nice riding, loved those round (?) rails.


The yellow one is round, I think the silver one used to be a stop sign post. its shaped like.
. _
…/ …

Hey, nice job on the video. I certainly enjoyed watching it (which can’t be said of all videos), and especially like the variety of riding/locations. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Sweet Movie!

Im from Maine to. There is about 4 of us and we all got started around the same time. Everyones got torkers. Were all freshmen and go to the Camden Hills Regional high school.


Do you know of any unicycling events near/in Maine?

Nice movie. I like all the trials riding in clean white pants – either you’re confident, or you have a lot of them.

I also liked the snow trials. We still haven’t had a proper snow up here in Bangor.

Re: New video: MAINEly Uni

I agree with everyone, nice variety and nice riding. You guys seem to
have a lot of traction in the snow trials. I liked the gimmick of the
wheel full with snow.

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That was fun to watch. Nice riding, and also really cool location at that old abandoned stone house. What’s the scoop with that place?

Lee- Cool, We usually go to Camden 3 times a year, My parents paraglide there and we go to the skate park in the summer and we ski there once in the winter. The cloesst existing unicycle event is “common” in Québec and maybe New England Muni weekend. Buy who says we can’t make our own.

Tom- The abandoned stone houses are actually abandoned stone forts. That place is called Fort Williams; it was used in World War II more info can be found here

Thanks, I am glad you all liked it.

And that snow wheel would greatly reduce wind resistance if it didn’t weigh 10 pounds. :slight_smile:

nice video, man.

I’ve never seen anyone have a wee idle before doing a rail, usually folk just bounce a wee bit and then ride off. Nice skills, you’re good at the rails. Very smooth coasting too! Or was it gliding, it was good anyway! Cool snow trials too!