NEW VIDEO: "Labor day Beach Jam 9.4.06" (and more)

This one was just a ton of fun! Mostly because my two riding buddies, Perry and his friend David are still in the learning stages and are already doing 3’ drops!

We shot this yesterday at Hermosa Beach (mostly) where there were HUGE crowds and fun places to ride around. In the middle of the vid we started trying are luck on a 3’ tall wall skinny (along the bike path) and soon we had a big crowd cheering us on! We even got some cash in our hat!

So here it is, and by request, I also have the YouTube link, as well as a few more on youtube for those that prefer that to the gallery upload.:smiley:

Beach fun 9.4.06: (Gallery link)

YouTube links below:

“Beach fun 9.4.06”[/U]
“Dueling Munis”

“The Three Muni-teers”

“Park & Ride”

“Muni at Dawn”

“Forest Muni”

i loved the songs for the upds. i have always wanted to put that like that

ps:nice video

for downloadfreaks like me.
dang, you just crank them out all the time, don’t you terry?

Good job on all three videos!

Very enjoyable

Seems like it!:smiley: I just automatically take my vidcam whenever I/we ride. I don’t know…I just want to capture the good times because, like the great Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin (may he rest in peace), you just never know when the grim reaper may call!

and devil’s slide on YouTube:

I like the ending message for your hermosa beach vid: “OK, it’s back to work for me”…

it almost makes it sound like you work or something when you’re not uniing!

Ha ha! Actually, I work full-time in my piano tuning & repair biz; it just works out that I have plenty of time AFTER work (which is perfect because it’s not so dang hot in the later afternoon!) and on most weekends to do muni and street stuff.:smiley:

thanks soooooooo much for puting your videos on youtube terry. they are great! (before i couldnt see them)

Awesome video as always, Terry.

Thanks so much guys (and everbody else of course!:D) for the nice words!