New video- Kelly Hickman.

Here is a video I made about a week ago. I didn’t think I was going to post it but i am. I think I might be done riding for a while. 4 seatposts in 2 weeks. Hard to keep paying for all the parts every month.

Some of the clips are old during the first part of the movie. Im sure yall have seen some of the clips before.


I saw that the other day. Nice grinds, and the bails on the last rail were insane! Don’t stop riding, get a better seatpost or a sponsor or something.:slight_smile:

Dude! what kind of seatpost are you using to break 4 in 2 weeks?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!? Try using a Thomson, those are the strongest on the market.

I thought I recognized it.

Wasn’t that for a Bedford sponsorship?

Great video by the way.

I think it’s more along the lines of “What kind of crazy shit are you attempting to break 4 seatposts in 2 weeks?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?”.

so did bedford accept or refuse u ? nice vid btw huge hickflip

Very nice vid i enjoyed it;)

Im using KH seatposts. Well and an Onza seatpost. I broke both of them, then i welded them back, and broke both of them again in different spots. So really 2 seaposts with 4 breaks.


sweet video man, i liked it a lot


kelly did bedford accept u ?

Dude, KH, kris holm seatposts suck! Use a thomson.

Yo kelly, sweet as hell vid. BTW, dont ever ever ever use the kh alu posts, they are very weak.

nice UPDs down that 8set :smiley:

nice video

and btw I broke over 20 seatpost in 1 year including a 100$ allow one from bedford… thats what flips do to seatposts they break them… and NO dont get a thompson because then ull need a rail adapter and they SUCK for spins trust me and when u go high impact they always get loose and its a pain in the ass

Yeah, your best bet will be a steel post from udc, make sure you use bigger diameter posts, no 22.2’s.

crazy vid kelly. the 8 set bail must have hurt.

Maybe get a long neck frame.

My 22.2 posts have bent so easily its crazy. The first one bent the day I got my CF base trying to flip a 2 set. The other one recently bent from some flips then I switched it around on my seat so it was bent back instead of forward then I bent it forward again…and to the side.

Now I ride my summit frame again with 27.2 post and it has held up to many failed double flips.

continue to rock kelly. you really get better all the time. respect. did the bedford sponsorship go through? either way keep riding man. peace.


Still waiting for the video to load, damn dial up

I btroke my onza seatpost last night,

(edit) video finished now, Sweet vid Kelly, :astonished: SOLID