New video. Its a shorty!

Awesome drop! Great job you guys always look like you’re having a blast!:smiley:

sweet :sunglasses:
how big was that drop

It was close or right at 7 feet tall.

Its gonna be sweet when they finish the construction up there. We’ll make another video when that happens.

I really enjoyed that video, and was quite impressed by the rolling hop onto the back of the bench.

Ten gazzillion miles!!!

Ah very nice indeed.

I was sure it was going to be a joke vid and just show jackie swinging the whole time :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha bestest Movie EVER! Except when the PUS video finally comes out… haha I needa come and stay for a longer time in Spokane and we needa ride again

I liked it and the music too and the sportcoat while riding. Gives uni an upscale look …

Ha! The swing mount was awesome!!! :smiley:

just got new respect for jackie :slight_smile:

as if you didn’t respect him before lol Jackie is amazing :stuck_out_tongue: you should watch his 2008 video

Nice! Espically that hop onto the bench!

Lol, thanks.

how did you find this thread? haha
it’s about a month old!

I have no idea how he did, but I’m glad he did!


Haha this was awesome, I’m sad I missed it a month ago.

I looked for the video with Joe Campbell, and saw this thread. Then i decided to watch and comment, and so i did. :slight_smile:

i concur