New Video: "In the 'Market' for a Unicycle!"

I’m still working on my next “Geezer” video, but in the meantime I put together a little quickie.

The title should really be, “In the market with a unicycle!” :sunglasses:
I wanted to see the reaction of the store manager when I rode my MUni INSIDE the Store!

Link to see ‘what the Market will bear’:

(Thanks to jjtheunicycle for designing the sign used in the video!:D)

hahahaha that was good man, whoever made that sign must be aweseom :smiley: very funny. i liked it when you looked in the fridge but you didnt even look in there really. +1

lol, i liked the “no backpack” thing

Haha cool vid.

Every single time I go into a store with Cody he rides his uni in. He always goes into places like 7-11 with his big cup of soda and rides over to the machine to fill it up and then rides to check out.
Over the summer we went into an Albertsons market and he was doing unispins in the isle on his muni and a guy that worked there was watching.
Oh and another time he rode my uni through a Carls Jr and an undercover cop freaked out and yelled at him then wrote his license plate number down we drove away.
Haha good times…

Funny vid though:D

HahHAHAHAH that was a funny short:D . can’t wait for the next geezer vid to come out

It’s not illegal until someone tells you not to, but if you ride after that it’s criminal trespassing. I think Cody is well aware of that though. So until told otherwise keep it up.

Nice one Terry, you’ve got waayy too much time on your hands!!!:smiley:

Hahaha, actually it was an “up at 6am, shoot at 7am” thing, so I had the whole day for regular activities.:slight_smile: Hey, Road trip, Road trip!!! :sunglasses:

That made me giggle.


it was teh funniez.

you’re an amazing man


kinda like chasers war on everything.
People are very tolerant of unicycles I find. I wonder how far it goes?

That was good man. I’m always amazed at how you get, “normal,” people to play along so well. They just stare at me :thinking: .

Someday you need to just put together a best of movie with all your gags… I always make sure I watch yer videos… I’ve seen lots of people do drops and ride trails and hop over things… But you’ve always got something funny going on. (Tho, showing your food trials to my kids might have been a mistake… :wink: )


Haha that’s something I’ve been thinking about, but I’ll probably wait 'till I get a few more decent “opening” bits, 'cause I don’t have that many good ones yet.:slight_smile:

Hehe, great stuff:D
Is it for real or acted?:o

I’m happy that you think it might have been “real”, because then I guess I did it right!:slight_smile: But no, it was acted. Since it was such an early am shoot, I couldn’t get a camera person to shoot the action, so it was all creative tripod placement and editing.

We’d do one scene, then I’d move the cam to the next position and continue. I really had no idea how/if it would piece together.

I gave Jan (the market mgr.) the lines, and walked her through “blocking”, which basically means standing and facing in the right position, and we did everything in just a few takes. She really did a great job with basically no preparation!:smiley:

haha the excuse of “It’s for a movie!” will get people to do practically anything along with saying it’s for a project or a scavenger hunt. Fun video.

lucky!!!i got kicked out king soopers for riding mine in there…everyone was cool with it except this fat mean lady…she gave me alot of dirty looks and escorted me out…i was so tempted to get on ride away from her all over the store…it was funny!!

that was killer, awesome vid…“cant you read” classic