New video - {If you want a good vid dont watch}

As the title says, this is my latest video…
If you only like watching good videos then please dont watch this and if you do dont bag me out…
I personally dont reckon its as good as my 1st video, nor is it as enjoyable to watch…
I had been wanting to get more footage for ages but couldnt get motivated so decided bugger it and rushed it - all in all i’m not 100% happy with it and wasnt even gunna put it on here but anyway.
I know i need to lessen prehops, which i have done…
Also, music doesn’t suit but i had picked out that track long ago and didnt wanna change it.
Haters p off hahaha :wink:
Hope ya enjoy it anyway!

Very nice. How long have you been riding?

Thanks mate,
I have been riding (got my learner) since my join date on here (listed down the side…)
Have had my Nimbus Trials for a bit over a year but havent been riding much lately :frowning:
Now summer is back i plan go get back into it bigger than before :smiley:

Hmm. So… when you did ride you just kinda… didnt try anything? because you have potential, just, you havnt really developed much skill for how long you have been riding.

Well, i just kinda started to get into street… made a video… backed off on my riding a fair bit but still kinda just dabbled about with it… then stopped for a while and then recently started to go riding a bit more again.
Then came this video…
Its just hard to get out lots when you work all day, and in the winter its dark/cold/raining when you get home, i did start to do night rides but didnt really push myself for lack of vision.
BUT, its summer now, and light till later at night… so hopefully if i push myself things will happen…

Yes! good idea. Start trying crankflips, and 180 unispins off of curbs. Also try hopping up higher stuff. That should get you started.

I enjoyed it. It dragged on toward the end, but I managed to see the whole thing. Just ride as long as you’re having fun man. Don’t worry about how long you’ve been riding.

Yeah, i think the main bit that drags is the grabbing up the big ledge things.
Glad you were able to sit through it all… i even struggled to lol!
I have more fun riding streetish, but anyway… I plan to keep at it :slight_smile:

Pretty good video, I watched it all the way through. Everything was alright, but those transitions were a bit annoying. You look like you could hop alot higher if you went for it, you’ve got to commit 100% though.

1 tip
make it a highlight reel of your riding, not a video documentary, it will hold the attention of more peope and leave them wanting more at the end, i liked the style of video, it just dragged on a little at the end.

good riding

Very well put. +1

Ride for fun, not for progression. If fun=progression, things will get really hard when you hit a plateau (most people quit). I have fun every second that I ride and progression is just bonus.

Nice video, I liked the music. I didn’t watch it whole as it was so repetitive, but good riding:))

Thanks for the positive comments guys, i do admit i let riding for the video overtake my desire to ride for fun in the end… I was over wanting to get another video out… Most of my riding is done for fun… apart from when there is a camera round, i just get frustrated and rush stuff.
I do ride for fun, thats why i have kept at it and decided to try and really get back into it :smiley:

summer may be back for you…:frowning:

nice man. uni spins were pretty good. my mate in tassie can ride about 60m now :P. a few hints for the video > shorter clips, try to minimize pre hops, try some rolling hops cos they are the most fun. oh and go for some 360 unispins! with those shin guards you cant fail :smiley: oh and also put in some crashes cos they always entertain the audience. you should come to melbourne soon :slight_smile:

Cool! I emailed him but never got a reply…
I went for a spin today, cranked some tunes for something different and i actually totally enjoyed it and committed to some stuff i had been wanting to do for a while… along with practicing some other stuff.
I do plan on leaving the state soon… Just gotta suss out flights/accommodation etc… Would like to come to Melb as its close… QLD is also on the list… guess i’ll just see how funds are goin! Is there any hotels round your area?

GiT t3hm pReHops 0utTa yer unisPins before you try to larn 3spins, eh?



I h@v3 m!n!MiZ3D tH3m L0@d5
(they are now nearly almost non existant… That footage was from way back when i first landed them)

Hey man, pretty good stuff.
Like pretty much everybody has said, it did kinda drag on a lot but still, you’re not bad.
Keep it up.