NEW VIDEO: I learned new stuff! (Quickie)

Hi all. This is just a real quickie video that shows the new stuff I just learned…Yesterday. It’s TOTALLY child’s play to most of you, but for an old guy like me, I’m pretty jazzed about it, so I thought I’d share it with you all.

Also, if you watch it I’d really appreciate tips and advice if I’m doing this stuff the wrong way, or how maybe I can improve upon it.

This vid also “re-introduces” me to my 20" summit trials, since for the last several months I’ve been riding muni exclusively. It’s also a pretty short vid (only 8 megs at full res.) so if you hate it at least you didn’t watse that much time! Lol.:D:):stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses:


If it makes an old man like you feel any better, you’re better than I am! :slight_smile: Congrats on both of your newfound skills!

I seriously doubt that! I know it’s the other way around, but thanks for lying to make me feel better! Lol!:smiley:

Nah man, I’m seriously one of the slowest learners of my age group. Been riding for almost 9 months, and still haven’t messed with crank grabs or kickup mounts. I just like riding (plus I hate heat).

I hear ya. I hate hot weather riding too! AndI also like simply getting on my muni and simply rollin’ down a non-tecky single track for miles and miles while taking in the views!:slight_smile:

hey nice job. The kick up mount is alot of fun and looks very impressive to non riders.

That crank grab with going to rubber, will let you do ALOT more trials lines that have high jumps. I am looking forward to seeing some in your next video;) .

hey nice lil vid, I still can’t do eiether of those skills, but I know by the end of the week I should have crank grab:)

Awsome! Please post a vid of it if you can.

I still can’t keep my balance well enough to do a pedal grab to rubber; the crank grab is way more stable for me at this point, but I really want to learn the pedal grab next.:smiley:

nice little vid. I still can’t do a crank/pedal grab. i haven’t really tried but when i get my new uni I will be doing alot more. even though i can’t crank or pedal grab i think pedal is easy for me

public property damage = punk

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking: Please clarify.

See this thread: LITTLE PUNKS or Good Citizen


He’s just mad because someone scratched his handrails.

I already read it. Look at my reply.

Nice progress Terry. My only wish is that I lived closer to you so that I could ride with you sometime. I’m going to have to try both of these the next time I’m out riding. If one old dog can learn these tricks, this dog should be able to learn them also. Really enjoy your videos.

Nice going!

Thanks! Yeah, I’ll bet you could learn both of those things after a little practice. For me, it was mostly thinking that I couldn’t do it so why try! Then I just decided to go for it. That kick up took me waaaaay more than four attempts (as in the video’s subtitle, "fourth time’s the charm!) to land it. Probably more like 50! That I couldn’t do the crank grab to rubber was also all in my head. I thought that since I couldn’t compress the tire, how could I jump up! The hard part was learning to keep my balance once I landed on the object, by keeping most of my weight on my left side. Also, I’m old so part of it was that I was afraid to fall and get hurt! Again, I just went for it.:smiley: Now go out there and try it!:stuck_out_tongue: And then post a video! Good luck…you can do it!

don’t think of it as being old, think of it as being ‘well matured’ or ‘wise’ compared to geological time you’re probly less then a millasecond! any ways you should make a longer trials vid now that you’ve mastered the force.

EDIT: sorry I ment crank grab

That’s a cool way spin it!:smiley: I gotta remember that!:slight_smile: I’m gonna put together a trialsy type course in my backyard-that way I can, (and no doubt will) make tons of mistakes that (hopefully) nobody else will have the misfortune to witness!

dang that movie wants me to learn crankgrab to rubber since i can do kickup mounts and your right… kickup mounts in front of camera takes forever. when i did it once it tooke me 14 tries :sunglasses: