New Video: How to do trials

We got some new videos on
and one of it is that funny “How to do trials”.
It was in German so Amanda did some subtitles and so its maybe also some fun for you now.
You will find it in Roccos Folder

Something seems to be wrong with your html there. The movie player plugin never displays. (I am using mozilla to render the webpage.) Can everyone else see the movie?

I could not in either format.

I just test it and you are right. It don’t work actually.
I think I fixed it now but there are still some mysteries arround it.
How ever, you could try again under but here are also the direct links to make it sure :slight_smile:


Very crazy that all movies are running and only the one I would show you not.

i can only get it with internet explorer

Funny video i like it!:stuck_out_tongue:
But there wasn’t a lot of trials:p

Rocco is an awesome rider, but he has hurt himself recently, that’s why there was no trials stuff in there :slight_smile:

that was one of the most cool and new videos I’ve seen in a while. Good stuff.

Especially the music.