NEW VIDEO: "Geezer Trials!"

(I thought I’d post it here as well as rcu like shaun did)

To mark my 51st birthday (1/15/56) I decided to make this short video (before I’m just too old to even walk! :astonished: ) to chronicle my non-muni street skills, which are admittedly limited.:slight_smile: I ride both my 24" and my trials, the latter of which I haven’t even touched in months!

Anyway, obviously I will never reach the skill level of you young wipper-snappers, but I thought I’d document some of the stuff I can do, hoping you all won’t think I’m too terrible for an old Geezer!:):smiley: :sunglasses: :p;)

Btw, this vid is clearly not trials, but more like a hodge-podge of street oriented stuff. The title just sounded good to me!

Very good!! I loved it!:slight_smile:

haha i liked it.
best 51 year old i’ve seen in a while.


I’m kinda dislexic so I think I’m really only 15! :sunglasses:

I love it! Can you do a rolling hop up the two-step?

Tripod is an excellent cameraman.

Dang! I forgot to try that! I’ll video tape me trying that as well as trying to clear a 5 & then a set!

I was looking for some videos to show a student of mine and came across this one. What is the woman saying at 0:54? I can only make out parts of it. Is she asking you if you are an entertainer?

This is an old vid I know, but when I grow up I want to ride like you. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hadnt seen this one. You were really young… :slight_smile:
In the lyrics when I hear salvation army, I imagine you riding thru the store…

Haha yeah, I was only 51 in that video… come to think of it, I still am! This one was made less than a year ago (Jan. '07) and kicked off my “Uni Geezer” series.:smiley: