NEW VIDEO: "Geezer Trials!"

scratch that, i landed a 6 this arvo. admittedly on the last step or so. im too scared to try it again.

Keep it up! Your better than most riders I know now! =p

Just wail til I tell them that you can do this stuff and show them the video, that will want to them to practice More. =p

Great vid.

yeah i was surprized to see it wasnt a muni video because of your user name. oh and happy birthday for whenever it was

And try to lean back a lil bit more, usin your feet for more control…Anyways to be nice now :-p thas was a great vid Terry! I said the hip part because…I landed on mine that day and it still hurts im gettin old faster than you!!! :sunglasses:

Thanks Tod. You have to ride with us again soon!:slight_smile:

Cool! Hope my video inspires your Dad a little!:smiley:

Wow! Congrats Gabe on the sixer! I’m gonna try a 5 set today!

Now if only I could find a GF!

YEah I needed a change of pace just to break things up a bit! :sunglasses:

I’m gonna practice that today, but is it easier on a 20 or 24?

Do it. I just bought one and it’s great, though the weathers turned to $h!t around here lately. Everything is snow packed and icy and just too difficult for me to ride on.

Holy Crap! How long have you been riding? You’re light years ahead of me :astonished: .

All I can do is just ride. I’m almost not scared to ride off a curb.:o

Yeah I get scared doing almost ALL that stuff esp. big drops but maybe I just have a death wish!:stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been riding for about 1 year now after about a 35 year layoff! Maybe it’s also that I feel the need to makeup for lost time…yeah DEFINTELY!:smiley: :sunglasses: :slight_smile: :roll_eyes:

PS: It just recently snowed in MALIBU! Where’s that Global Warming when you need it?!:wink: Oh and thanks for the tip on the Nimbus 36! I think I’ll go ahead and get one too! MAybe I could even come to AZ sometime and we can go for a ride on our Big Wheels!

Great video, but I don’t get it. I didn’t see any old people in there anywhere. Except maybe that annoying lady who was buying a soda. Old people don’t ride unicycles.

Wheel walk:
MUni and Trials unis aren’t the best for learning WW. they have nice fat tires, but they’re grippy and the seats tend to be low. Probably the best thing to learn it on would be a “normal” (24x1.75 or so) wheel, with the seat up nice and high. Stick your arms out to the sides, and use them for steering. Also practice riding really slow, just using your arms to do all the steering (no hips).

Great points! OF course you’re d-man on ww…and gliding for that matter! (I remember watching you, Cody and others ww/gliding at CMW, you guys were dang amazing!) Yeah I’ll try raising my seat higher and try it again. thanks!:smiley:

I’d be happy to ride with anyone on this forum if they should ever find themselves in northern AZ. I find I always pick up some new riding tip when I ride with others. Even if it’s just from watching.

Good stuff, old man.

Well I have heard it to be a lil easier on the 24, I think its better on the 20, and its alot safer to, something you might want to consider :-D. If you have something to protect your tailbone try learning REALLY far back when you do it…

I think its way easier on a 20". A high seat helps too.

That was pretty awesome. I want to show my dad really soon because he thinks he is too old to ride at forty. Now he has no excuse. Thanks for the video.

Your dad’s only FORTY? Now I really seem old! :astonished: Ok all, be on the lookout for the next installment of “Geezer trials.” All new, more daring stuff! Hope I survive!:smiley:

Put in the wrecks too. =p

My dad’s sister had a unicycle when he was younger but he said he could never go more than 20 ft. So I had him try the other day and he got like 6 feet which surprised me a lot because on my first try I didn’t get half a rev. So I think if he tried he could pic it up pretty quickly.

That’s awesome! You should make a video with you and your dad riding!

Yeah but the better video will be him trying to ride.

True! Make sure you get some good footage of him trying your BC too!:stuck_out_tongue: