NEW VIDEO: "Geezer Trials!"

To mark my 51st birthday (1/15/56) I decided to make this short video (before I’m just too old to even walk! :astonished: ) to chronicle my non-muni street skills, which are admittedly limited.:slight_smile: I ride both my 24" and my trials, the latter of which I haven’t even touched in months!

Anyway, obviously I will never reach the skill level of you young wipper-snappers, but I thought I’d document some of the stuff I can do, hoping you all won’t think I’m too terrible for an old Geezer!:):smiley: :sunglasses: :p;)

Btw, this vid is clearly not trials, but more like a hodge-podge of street oriented stuff. The title just sounded good to me!

lol good stuff

that is my kind of “360”

good job, not bad for an old guy;)

Your Really good for 51! :astonished: I hope I can still ride when i’m over 50.

you’ll get the ww soon

you can jump as many stairs as me. wow. you do have a bigger wheel and i probs could do more stairs than that now, but wow.

Awesome video, Terry… its really weird to see you on a 20" uni, though… hopefully the next 50 years will make you twice as good! :roll_eyes:

I hope so. That skill seems to be eluding me but maybe I just haven’t practiced enough since 99% of my riding time is spent Muni-ing!

Yes the 20" feels weird too since I’m really never using it.

I’m pretty sure I could clear 5, maybe even 6 but this was really just a “test run” to kindof get the bugs out, plus I wanted to start off with 4 and work up from there.

Man…we used to be about even trick-wise, too. You’re a bit ahead of me now.

Great vid, that was awesome.

HB, Terry. Jumping those stairs was NIIICEE!
Heh, why does Monkeyman have a chimpanzee for an avatar? :thinking:

Another great vid!

How was the nap?:smiley:

Blond girls say Im pretty fly…for and OLD guy! Pretty nice man I would be scared of breakin my hip at that age :smiley:

Well I would be too but I drink my milk! You know the old saying: “life begins at 40?” Well if that’s true, that makes me only ELEVEN! Haha!:smiley: (I know what you’re saying…"nice try old man!):smiley:

I’m still asleep!:wink:

Haha, you haven’t even hit puberty. I haven’t even been thought of :frowning:

Hello Terry,
Another fun video showing great skills. Thank you!

Hope you had a Happy Birthday.

Hmmm, I was wondering why I couldn’t grow any facial hair yet! :sunglasses:

Thanks Ken… that’s a cool t shirt in your profile pic. And now I wish I hadn’t sold my 36er! I’m thinking about getting that new Nimbus 36.:smiley:

some of that stuff looks pretty good! you’ve definitely gotten better since last time I rode with you…

nice terry!
i will show this video to my father
maybe he will want to learn after watch you!

your riding is good!

at the ww! try to use more your foot… your passes on whell is too short… but your chest and body position are okay !

bye! good luck!