New Video: "Geezer Chronicles ll, Bigger, Badder & Uncut!"

Hope you enjoy this latest installment! I thought I could do better this time so I pretty much pulled out all my stops today! I landed totally new stuff I was too afraid to try, or had just given up on before. But you all had such nice, supportive comments on my last vid I wanted to do even better this time! :slight_smile:

In this video are some total firsts for me, including my first ever unispin! Also an appearnance by a special friend after the credits! (I know it’s total “cake” to most of you, for me there must’ve been bananas in it cause I sure slipped alot!:p)

I’d Love to hear your comments! :smiley:

Linkinater >>>>

Nice, you are getting a lot better! I really liked that rail ride.
Congrats on the unispin.
For that 5 set you should hop out more, it looked like you were just riding fast and cleared it that way.
The ending reminded me of Shaun.

Ok thanks for that tip! Yeah I wanted to have the speed to clear it because I thought I couldn’t make it if I tried to just hop “high”, so I went for distance instead. I’ll try it again tomorrow! Thanks!:smiley:

That’s really cool that you’re 51 (that guy was right when he said you looked about 30) and out there clearing 5 sets. It was a cool video with a nice pace, not all in your face with heavy metal and random flashing lights and crap, but not a 20 minute of a guy riding down a sidewalk. Nice job.

Good Job man! You give me strenght! I thought I was the old one at 38! I have only spent 2 hours on my new Torker LX and UM well, maybe 2 hrs a day till i’m your age and I migth get there yet! Your the MAN!

Terry, you are the only person I have seen clear a 5 set by rolling it! That was crazy. Like spencer said, if you could hopped it more, with that speed, I reckon you could clear atleast a 6 if not a 7 set. Maybe take some tips off the cat, that was high!

Man 38’s young! I’m almost old enough to be your dad! Anyway, with your youth and 13 years to go before you’re my age, you could be the best 51 year old rider alive!:smiley: I only wish I hadn’t waited 30+ years to take this up again!

I’m a little confused…(of course that could just be my old age!) but I thought a “rolling” drop meant that you continue to pedal as you go off the drop. As you can see, I launch off the stairset with my pedals horizontal, pushing off and keeping them stationary as I drop, then resume pedalling out of it when I land. So I did hop off, but I didn’t get much height. There’s UP, out & Down, or just OUT and down, which is what I did.

I think there are two reasons for this; first is that I’m already about 3-4 feet above the ground (if you take the stairs away!) and I don’t really want to go higher if I don’t have to, and for some reason my free hand (right) is down just as I launch, instead of throwing it up high to help me hop up higher as I jump. I have to work on that. In the first “geezer” video I did hop UP higher off that 4 set, but that’s because I was lower to the ground to start with, so maybe I wasn’t so afraid of hopping higher.

By rolling, I just mean pedalling off and letting momentum take you, rather than hopping off.
You wouldn’t really need to go much higher in the air. It is possible to just jump down a stair set. I would probably be less effort too as you’re not pedalling as fast. It just looks abit better thats all and you’re less likely to hit the bottom step like you did in your first attempt, but hey, what works for you is best for you. You may find that you’ll need to change technique if you try a bigger stairset but at the moment, what you’re doing is good.
It’s guys like you, arnie and sly stallone that set a good example for us all. Age is merely a number and it’s dedication and motivation that will get us somewhere in life.

Good on ya Terry!


Good point Jason! Yeah, if anything it just looks way better to get some decent height out of my rolling hops. I’m gonna practice that today and if I can make a visible improvement, I’ll post it fop feedback. thanks!

Awesome Video, I’m gonna show it to my Mom. She’s 52 and won’t let me teach her how to ride because she’s “Too old.” Ha! Excuses!

Absolute beaut!


You may look 30 but your choice in music obviously screames, “older than 40:D.” Keep up the good work.

Haha! Beatles music is timeless, and I know lots of younger people that love the Beatles. But I actually chose that song because it kinda lampooned my age!:smiley: Plus that second song is current, right? They are both in the “age” theme.