New Video: "Geezer Chronicles ll, Bigger, Badder & Uncut!"

Hope you enjoy this latest installment! I thought I could do better this time so I pretty much pulled out all my stops today! I landed totally new stuff I was too afraid to try, or had just given up on before. But you all had such nice, supportive comments on my last vid I wanted to do even better this time! :slight_smile:

In this video are some total firsts for me, including my first ever unispin! Also an appearnance by a special friend after the credits! (I know it’s total “cake” to most of you, for me there must’ve been bananas in it cause I sure slipped alot!:p)

I’d Love to hear your comments! :smiley:

Linkinater >>>>

Great stuff! I’m a few steps behind you on the learning curve and watching your moves gives me inspiration to try harder. :smiley:

amazing! your getting good…i need to uni more so that you dont get better than me

Haha! That’s never gonna happen! But thanks for makin’ this old man feel like I’m at least doin’ ok!:smiley: Wow this is the first time I checked the forums and see that there’s more people viewing JC than RCU! And there’s only about 32 in this forum right now! hmmm, everybody else must be out riding or something!

awesome unispin and 5 stair, i planted that penny there so you could land the unispin…so thank me, hehe

Man. Watching your videos is definitely inspirational.

I really wish the weather here didn’t suck.

you are getting really good terry! and really fast!

i just cant belive you have 51 years old!

seeing you i start to belive that i have a looong way unicycling!
thanks terry!

Good job. Nice poll riding, very good. You have seemed to have gotten wayyy better that last geezer #1. Try working on your gaps.


Your videos are inspirational. Now I want to learn to jump stairs and do a unispin myself!


I bet you can hit that 5 set all the time now that u have landed it once so when you going bigger and bader lol

on that thouhgt…i hope this helps!

a tip for the 5 set, I noticed that you’re just rolling off of it. If you hop a little bit, you can get farther and not hit that last stair. Great job though!

Yeah I’ve watched that several times since you initially posted it, and it really helped! Of course I can’t come close to what you can do, (I’m also on a Muni!) but the way I look at it, at least right now, is that even though I didn’t get the height I wanted, at least I cleared the 5 set. And from looking at the slomo, I’ll bet I could do a sixer, but I’m not gonna rush things!:stuck_out_tongue: I definitley will try for more hop height while going for distance as well. Thanks!:smiley:

Awesome Dude! Makes me want to go practice…

really cool! you should really learn to do stuff seat out…it’d help with hopping up those steps.

unispins are fun, aren’t they? :smiley:

Great video! Great riding. You’re probably a better rider than me!

I really liked the Yellow Submarine font in the beginning. The jumping cat was also really cool!

Great video Terry, you are definitely improving! I was going to ask what you ended up doing with your summit, but you were riding it! It looks like an 07KH with that paint job.

YEah, I’m gonna get the 180 unispin down more solid, then I’m going for the 360! I know it’s waaay more difficult to land, but hey, it’ll be that much more a feeling of accompishment if I can do it! :slight_smile:


What a fantastic video. You’re a rock climber on a gentle learning curve, you’re improving so swiftly. Thanks for posting your results with a fresh (for us) flavor in music and presentation. You go out, you mess up, you get banged up, you keep on going and trying new stuff, and then you land it. It’s a real treat for me to watch. I liked the mimic of the patented Dan Heaton frame spin. I’ll bet you wish you could get on that table the way Dan did. I know I wish I could. Keep up the good work and next time, who knows, maybe it will be a nickel.

I’m a little confused…(of course that could just be my old age! :p) but I thought if you are “rolling” off of a drop that meant that you continue to pedal as you go off the drop. In the video, I launch off the stairset with my pedals horizontal, pushing off and keeping them stationary as I drop, then resume pedalling out of it when I land. So I did hop off, but I didn’t get much height. Rolling hops look to me as: UP, out & Down, or mostly just OUT and down, which is what I did.

I think there are two reasons why I did this; first is that I’m already about 3-4 feet above the ground (if you take the stairs away!) and I don’t really want to go higher if I don’t have to, and for some reason my free hand (right) is down just as I launch, instead of throwing it up high to help me hop up higher as I jump. I have to work on that. In the first “geezer” video I did hop UP higher off that 4 set, but that’s because I was lower to the ground to start with, so maybe I wasn’t so afraid of hopping higher.

But you’re all helping me so much with your tips and advice and I really appreciate it!:smiley: