New video from Xavier Collos.

Browsing the German Forum, I discovered a link to a short new video from Xavier Collos. He does some really spectacular street/freestyle moves. Here is the link. It’s the one titled “footage.” Enjoy!

Not finding it.

Click here.
There’s more than one good video.
Also, there is a “page 2” for an additional vid.

Thank you.

That’s quite possibly the best online movie I’ve seen…absolutely incredible! And a really nicely laid out website too.


Is anyone else starting to think that those Koxx1 unicycles may be better than the U.S. counterparts?

Hmmm, looks like some footage from Defect made it’s way online…

I wish riding a Koxx One would increase my level that way… but I have to admit it doesn’t, since I’ve been riding a Devil since last christmas and I’m WAY far from Xavier street skills.
As someone wrote on this forum:
“it’s not the uni, it’s the unicyclist”:wink:

'Think it’s the best on-line street vid I’ve ever seen!

So now I know what to be offered next christmas:D

“So now I know what to be offered next christmas”

Kinda… Xavier actually sent me a whole 20 minutes of footage to include in Defect and most of the stuff he has posted in this video was footage I didn’t want to include because his other riding is better!! (or because of repetativeness with other tricks in the video). A few of the clips do appear in Defect though.

Xavier seems to have a lot of natural ability and creativity and I think we’ll see him coming up with some pretty cool tricks!

There’s definitly a lot going on with street unicycling at the moment (I literally see a completely new trick everyday) so if you enjoy this video then I think you’ll be impressed when most of the street riders begin to post their videos… (were just waiting til after defect is released)


Thank’s Dan, reading your answer make me wonder if I’ll wait several month for the watching the whole stuff;)

the “footage” video doesnt seem to be working for me…

You must have a DViX palyer . Tou can get them online for free ill find a link for you.
Edit: here it is.

When I spoke to Xavier he told me that it was the footage not used in Defect, but like dan said some is in there. Hopefully no one feels like it wrecked alittle of defect. I personally loved the video, and dan does an extremely good job (every single time, lol). I can’t wait to order my copy.

-Shaun Johanneson

That was some cool stuff, all his videos are good. If that was kept out of Defect because it wasnt good enough…wow…

What, you dont get a free copy for being in it?

Didnt wreck defedt for me, just put more fuel on the fire, so to speak.
Man I cant wait for defect…

It’s good to know it didn’t wreck it at all.

To answer your question. Nah. I don’t want a free copy. I’d rather buy it from him. He’s given me so much by just letting me be in the video. Kinda get noticed. That’s enough for me. I hope everyone enjoys it.
-Shaun Johanneson

Oh, yeah. I was just joking anyway.:slight_smile:

whooaaa…I watched this video, then went to get a sandwich, and came back and tried to click it to watch it again, and NOW it says it’s 404ed!! double-yoo tee eff???

i got it to play through WinAmp.

Huh, good thing I saved it already…

yeah…I think you should upload it, so I can download it (: