New video from Norway - Sommeren 07

This is a video me and my littlebrother, Marius, made for the video competition at

I know the video is a bit long. I`m sorry for that.

By the way, Marius is 8 years old, and flipping down a 4 set :O.

Feel free to comment.


Really good except for the shacky camera in a lot of parts.

Is Marius riding the new Nimbus 16" Trials?

Yeah, Aleks (Unirider7 if you want), somehow didnt manage to hold the camera without shaking :stuck_out_tongue: On some of the clips.

Dunno, if its the new Nimbus 16", He got it in April this year.

I liked the video, your brother is really good for his age. The editing was good, the only negative thing I have to say (and this is really minor) is that when a title saying ‘stair session’ came up I expected some riding somewhere else than in the previous clip and on some real stairs. Nevermind, looked fun and those stairs made from crates looks just as good.

Well, if it’s got the new ISIS hub and cranks, and not a custom build, then yes it’s the new 16" trials.

that 8 year old is really good :astonished:

you guys are really good! An man a crankflip for an 8 year old! He is crazy.

I wish I lived in Sweden and worked in Norway :frowning:


which video? There’s like 5 of them. :thinking: It’s also not in English so I can’t read anything.