New video From Brazil - Guilherme Teles - 1 Month and a half

Hey guys Im posting here to show you my first uni video.

I have been riding for 1 month and a half, but with a trials unicycle I have been riding for 3 weeks, Im learning with PedroTejada and sometimes I practice alone.
I hpe you enjoy:

Sorry for the bad quality of editing, it happened because my computer wasnt loading the hole video in vegas. I did this video only to have fun and to know how I am riding.

Best Regards From Brazil

Please post your comments, they will help me a lot

Great skills for the short period of time that you have been riding. Keep up the hard work.

it took me a year to jump 5cm. Your doing great!:smiley:

Nice job for a month and a half! You’ll be great in no time.

Thanks for the comments they inspire me
Im really happy :smiley:

Nice job in so little time. When I was watching the video I forgot that you you had practised just for month and half, I started to how long this guy has been unicycling, first I thought about year but then I remember… :smiley:

Good work!

you’re way too good for only a month and a half :astonished:

also that very last bail look like it hurt :thinking:

The one thing I’d work on is this:

When doing stairs, try to use the momentum from the previous jump to launch you to your next hop, instead of hopping in between.

yea its faster, feels better and looks alot smoother

Im working on it thank you for your advise, I know the first stair took me to much time but now I can finish it faster.
Im trying to unispin and wheel walk I feel Im really closer

Good first vid.

Very impressive riding for 1.5 months:)

Practice still stands.

Thank you for your comment
I will work on still stands