New Video: Freestyle/flatland riding 6/21/06

I made a little freestyle video a few days ago (6/21/06), but the gallery was down so I could never upload it. Well since it is back up, here is the video. Enjoy. Tell me what you think.

Video 12.2 mb
Video (small version) 4.36 mb

way sweet dude. ur smiley walk is getting really good.

i like that mount into that stand up wheel walking bit

Nice movie. You got l337 skillz!

Your neighbourhood looks so horribly perfect! It makes Sheffield look like a ghetto!

I hope I never live anywhere as nice as that,

Holy crap dude, you are way cool, I was totaly blown away by that last trick.

Most videos are just the same old stuff but yours show some real talent and improvement!

Awesome skills man. Makes me want to practice my stand-up ww. I love that last trick. Did you invent it?

Ryan Woesnner invented that trick, its called the ‘smiley walk’ I believe.

Great video, I would download it but unfortunatly, there isnt the button to…

Your a real good freestyler, keep it up.


Yeh! Where has that button gone?!

yeah that’s what i want to know! Thought maybe itwas just me. :astonished:

Great job!
A perfect example of how practice pays off.

Gilby mischeif

I think Gilby’s removed it so we have to load them via a browser because it uses less bandwidth.


That was sweet.
What kind of unicycle do you have? I am looking for a new freestyle unicycle with flat crown.

Trondheim, Norway

jeff, your crazy good


im not even convinced youre real…i think youre a machine made for uni…youre unreal. especially for your size/age. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments so far everyone.

I have XL semcylce 20" from It came with the semcycle deluxe seat but I don’t like that for freestyle so a few weeks ago I bought the nimbus gel seat which I like much better (except for hand ww, the handle gets in the way).

wow, that was great. I’m jealous of you stand up WW:)

nice video!
too short but nice tricks!

if the handle gets in the way, you could get a freestyle handle for it(which is pretty much a back bumper in the front)

Excellent tricks!

And for the reason above, it’s great to see something other than the usual Trials, Street and MUni stuff on here. Not enough people on this forum have seen some of the other types of unicycling out there.

Though your vid could be called flatland, technically it’s not Freestyle. Flatland has less of a definition, but in Freestyle you have a relationship with your viewers, and the idea is to use both arms, both legs, your head, face and the rest of your body to do the tricks. In other words, the trick is the first part, and the rest is the personality, polish and “style.” That usually comes later.

Don’t feel bad, I tell Ryan “Smiley” Woessner some of the same stuff. His range of tricks/skills is so huge and his personality so lively that he can get away with some weak areas in his performance, but even he could do a thing or two to make a better Freestyle performance. I can’t wait to see what he’s got in store for us this year.

As mentioned above, you can get a Freestyle handle to fit your seat, eliminating the handle sticking out, but still allowing some grip and floor protection. I just got one myself, and I’ve yet to put it on.

Great video! This is some excellent freestyle unicycling :slight_smile:

Keep it up