New Video francaise=> Bonne année !!

hi every one !!

Our new video with some friends :

Yeah everyone, check this vid out. Arthur’s part is noice!

-Shaun Johanneson

tres bon video. les trucs était vraiment fort et la musique allais vraiment bien avec les trucs.

Well put together

Good Job

That was really awesome! Those one handed 360 unispins to si look really cool. Those crazy flip from tire combos were insane too. Awesome vid!

Yeah, that’s a realy nice vid.
Cool editing and soinds and so on.
Arthurs part is the best, realy cool tricks.
But he has a LITLE swearing problem :stuck_out_tongue:


Great video, that was really awesome!

That was awesome, I loved the music, and I loved the riding. The editing to the house of pain song was awesome too.

Very good guys.


Really nice vid, thank you for sharing!


Great vid! I like the part when the music is tuned to like, 100 unispins in a row. It looked so awesome. Oh ya and you did my favorite trick, a doubleflip sex change!(It’s my favorite to watch, I’m not even close to being able to do that!:o )

great vid. aruther has some way sweet crankflips from hop on wheel.

For me that was the most entertaining univid I’ve seen to date! Great!:smiley:

thanks for your post !!

a new french street video is coming for the end of the month !


awesome film! wanna watch it again, and again

and again.
nice editing with the fast and many unispins…sweet arthur

At the end of the Month? I heard end of next but maybe I was wrong. What i’ve heard on it, this vid should be insane (the french vid). Everyone will wanna check that out.

On the sex change doubleflip. I want to go about calling it a Sex C Doubleflip. Or Sex C Double for short. How does that sound? (Yes it sounds like sexy, that’s why I kinda wanted it. The trick is sexy no?)

Personally my favorite to watch is anyone doing smooth varialflips. Down things by prefernce. Anyone else doing sets with those? Well i’m outties, laters.

-Shaun Johanneson

arthur is insane!
he got style and flow!

nice flips tricks
i loved the hop on wheel flips tricks and variations!
nice work guys!

oh, thanks for info, shaun, looking forward to the next french vid…:smiley:

who`s in it?

im working on my varial flips now…pretty close… i agree with shaun… smooth varialflips looks awesome, like sabins!

Best video ever!! I especially liked the sequence during Jump Around where it goes “Jump, Jump, Jump…” and you have all the quick jumps edited together. That was awesome. Liked the sound effects of landing the tricks too, you guys are so good!

Thanks everybody. In the next french vid, there will be at least:
And I think there will be Mathieu Belot at street french competition), and Romain Bouschbacher (1st at street french competition).

Sorry for my english…

Here is Manu’s website with a few videos :