New video featuring Jagur

Hi everyone. I’m new to this group and haven’t been riding very long. I have a 24" Yuni Muni. I went riding with Jagur last Sunday and I filmed him. He can do some amazing stuff on a unicycle. I hope you enjoy the clips.



Thanks for the excellent vids. How do we really know that was Jagur, though? He told us he was WAY better looking than that. Post one of yourself next time, too.

That is indeed Jagur. I met him in person when I was passing through Salem last July. Well at least the person I met claimed to be Jagur, could ride a unicycle, and had a cool 29er with 102mm cranks.

well this is a surprise i guess i’ll have to stop riding around the capitol building were there are so many surveillance camera’s :smiley:

i was going to put on my clown suit but i decided to go with the red military look.

Wow, that big crazy metal thing was cool. It looked fun to ride. What was it?


Nice work jagur! Those videos are great. They’ll be really helpful for me to use when learning a suicide mount, trials things, etc.

Thanks for posting them Gene, I love watching unicycling videos,

New video featuring Jagur

Hey! Hearing check, Please!

In the stair-hopping vid, when Jagur’s between the 2nd and 4th steps, does somebody in the background say “FALL!” ?

Or was that Gene saying “Cool!” ?

I don’t have my good speakers hooked-up… just the monitor speakers.

Thanks for those vids, though!


I’m extremely impressed! Good stuff. Your moves are very solid and determined. Thanks for the look.


thats a fountain/pool/sculpture thing that hasnt been turned on in years.notice i have my helmet on in those shots,lots of sharp corners.

in one clip you can see the state capitol in the background.when my uni squirts out and you can see a flash in the lower left,thats it landing in a puddle.

Cheeky,i miss your avitar…DudleyDoRide brought a friend with him that day,it does sound like he said “fall” i’ll have to pound him!

thanx to all for your good really happy to finally have somthing to show for the last year of pain and suffering(mostly in the ankle’s and $wallet$)


Me, too (two) !

Please tell Mr. Gilby!

While we’re on the topic of avatar praise,… I really like your eternally re-filling Pilsener glass! Where, oh where, can I get one?

I watched (and listened to) that clip seven times before I posted that hearing question… thanks for the reassurance of my audial acuity!

Jagur can ride, but can he film? Next time out I’ll have him shoot footage of some of my level 1 moves.

I’m glad that you all enjoyed the clips,


can he?

How hard can it be?

Wait a minute!..

You said “Can he film?”

Were you using film, or videotape, or digital video?


… Just give him a camera that takes moving pitchers and let’s see what he can do!

Judging by his skill with gif animations, I’m guessing “no sweat”.

GO! Jagur!

“save target as” is about the only gif annimation skill i have.i just find’em and save’em.

without DudlyDoRide this never would have happened.i just rode the unicycle he did all the editing and posting/loading stuff.I know the camera got turned his direction a couple of times so a little more nagging may get a clip or two of the Dudster in the not going to do the nagging here though,i’ll save that for the telephone:D

Jagur’s in 'da house! Jagur’s in 'da house!

I’m glad you finaly found a cycle you’re happy with -even if it is a little 20" girlly unicycle. (Once I get over feelings of masculine insecurity, I’ll get one too. ;))

I was stoked to see you gap the section of the fountain you were riding down- maybe next time! Those hops up to the rock from the planter edge were sweet, as was the gap and roll off the dirt slope -so we know you can do it!

Are you still in the witness relocation program? -there are no close up’s of your face! Very susspisious…

Send more. :slight_smile:


not entirely though,its a good compromise.i wish they made a 22inch wheel and a Monty tire to match.

the good news is i noticed 3 more clips have been loaded on page two-thanx again DudleyDoRide

the one on the gas line is sweet,i never went up in a blaze of glory though :roll_eyes:

Is that a cunning edit I notice on the one with the gas box? You jump up seat in, but land seat out… hmmm?

You, sir, are a fraud! :smiley:

Phil, just me

Just curious, what kind of uni is that? Onza?


Ha ha I saw the video jump a little, but didn’t notice the seat position change. The audio jumps a little too, I think. I bet they just ran out of clip length.

Anyhow… nice work, Jag! Nice aggressive moves.

phil,that why it says (edit) after the title.

we were on a university campus and a security vehicle was driving around so i had to do it fast.i stuck the crank grab but missed rubber.i quikly put the crank are back on the medal cage to compleate the vandalisim.there’s about 3 seconds missing in the edit.

nope,not an Onza.its one of those ridiculously expensive KH20’s