NEW VIDEO: Elfin Forest Muni w/S Diego club

This was just a fun morning spent with the San Diego Muni club. We had a good turn out, and it was worth the 100+ mile drive. I had to split with the group after about 1.5 hours due to a work commitment that required my early departure.

**Note: Not a SINGLE transition or effect used in this vid; just straight cuts with music background and commentary.

Thanks to Miles (Mornish) and his Mom for inviting me!

I’ll be posting a video from CMW soon!

[B]Youtube link:

[/B]I can’t seem to upload to the gallery. Will try later

yea, tht was the first time I had done that trail, and it was great. Terry: you left and missed all the good trials and DH muni :astonished: we got back at 12ish.

Hmm, must’ve just missed you all 'cause I got to my car about 11:30. But I got home just in time to get cleaned up and get to my appointment! I had lots of fun with you all! Thanks for inviting me!:slight_smile:

Today, (Sunday) me, Jim, Tod, Tim and new rider Chuck did Devil’s Slide in Simi Valley, and it was the most fun yet! It rained about 50% of the time, but that was ok 'cause it kept us cool, but made for some great upd’s when things got slippery! I’ll be posting a vid soon!

I really liked the editing on this vid, Terry. Even with no transitions, it seemed really smooth, and kinda refreshing w/o the transitions.

Congrats on the rock gaps at the end!

Thanks. YEah, I’m going to be using transitions only sparingly from now on, and really only when necessary, like to highlight the “upd of the day” and stuff like that. :slight_smile: Oh and maybe just fade in’s and out’s at the beginning and end. I do like slo-mo now & again though…for emphasis on big drops and of course UPDs!