NEW VIDEO-Dana Point "Funi"(FunUni)

Sunday turned out to a real FUN day with the O.C. uni club! We had quite a turnout including my riding buddies Jim Dugue and Jeff Sargent. Adam Brody organized the event with his pal Tim, and all the youngsters that make up the club were present and itchin’ to ride! And ride we did!

This was a really fun video to make, and there’s a nice variety, including giraffes, a three-stack, BC and a few pretty big drops! Everybody had a great time riding in Dana Point along the beach with a nice ocean breeze, and I was just amazed at how all the kids riding skills have progressed in such a short time! After the ride we were all treated to pizza and had some good laughs, and all the kids loved seeing a “Syko” video I brought along!

Many if not all of these youngsters should be joining our web forum very soon and I look forward to welcoming them aboard! Next Saturday, the OC group will be joining me & Jim for a Muni ride at “Top of the World!” Now THAT ought to make a neat video! :smiley:

Link to Sunday’s Dana Point ride:

nice! i see you werent so stiff on that drop you did.
and did that kid shoot a rubber band at the guy in the resturant?

Yeah, I took everybody’s advice on that, but I almost couldn’t help it because it was such a big drop (for me) and I wanted to roll out of it, but it was all I could think about just to land it…on my first try! My back does hurt a bit the day after though! Dino, the young kid who also just rode ride off the same structure (he simply has no fear…adn no HELMET!..does those same drops with a non-splined uni and no problem! MAybe because he’s small it doesn’t make a difference.

yeh… well great vid terry!


that looked like a great ride.

I totally need to go on a ride with you.

how far is torrence from San Diego?

Probably about 90 minutes…not too bad. We are riding with the OC club NEXT saturday at 3:30-whatever at Aliso Woods, where the really great muni trails are. That would be waaaay closer to you. Let me know asap if you can make it, we’d love to have you along!:slight_smile:

Thanks Terry “BIG” you did a good job with bthat Vid. see you sat.

Who are you??? Adam, Tim, Dino, Michael, Brian…who? Glad you liked it! Yeah Saturday’s gonna be a BLAST, and just ONE of hopefully many, many more!:smiley:

Go Dino!

I think we have just found the next Kris Holm!!! :astonished:

I enjoyed the video too, it was great, looks like you improved greatly form the last video I saw, and that was only 2 days ago, good job! Some of those drops where pretty big, and your doing hem fine, maybe start learning a good roll-out technique though, to save your uni on bigger drops, and to make it more fluid, but other than that everything is looking great!

Cant wait for your next video!

Yeah I need to work on the rollouts. Maybe if I just ride straight off instead of side-hopping off it will make rolling out easier since I’m going in that direction anyway, and the forward momentum will help too. Be watching for a new video posting of us (including Dino and all the OC group) as we tackle the rocky trails in and around “Top of the world”, this Saturday! Thanks again to everybody for your support and advice…it really helps! :smiley:

If you all ever get to ride with a bunch of kids, go for it! Their enthusiasm and energy are a blast. And Dino rocks.

Just wanted to add a pic of the OC Uni group. Not the best res., but it’s ok.:smiley:


im the one in the pink shirt

Just wanted to “bump” this post up so the OC uni club kids (all new website members!:smiley: ) could find this post sinceit was pretty buried!

Hey terry, glad you bumped as i couldnt download this video last week (i went over my internet cap) i shall download now, hope its a good’n :smiley:

Adam Brody…? Isn’t he an actor in the TV show “The OC”?

Muni Ride

Today’s ride was amazing. The kids in my uni club impressed me so much!! All 16 survived and many excelled! Dean O. Has an emormous amount of potential as do all these kids. I can not wait to see how much they improve this year. Starting in August my club will host a muni ride every 2 weeks. Look out for a trials event and a charity ride too!!! All SOuthern California riders are encouraged to join us up at some time.

thanks Terry

Thank You Terry for your guidance on out Muni Ride today. All the kids and I say thanks for everything and cannot wait to see your video. You rock man! Thanks Jim for coming also.

The Dana Point video was fun, but this NEW VIDEO we just shot 6/17/06 will be even better cause it was the kids first time doing muni and they ROCKED! The new vid is filled with lots of variety and joking around. (I’ll probably be posting ittomorrow (sunday),sowatch for it!) It was just a BLAST! Hope to see all you terrific kids again soon! NExt time though…HELMETS for everybody and Knee pads! Great job all you guys!:smiley:

No problem Adam! I enjoyed EVERY second of it! Glad we all got together for the muni -fest!:smiley: