New Video: "Dana Point Funi" 2/4/07

Another really fun afternoon of riding at beautiful Dana Point harbor, CA. I was joined by Tim (unimog) and his brother Matt, Miles, (Mornish) and his friend and newcomer, Julian.

Perfect weather made for a very enjoyable afternoon of riding as we made our way along the boardwalk, (hopping stair sets and park benches at every opportunity!:p) ending up at the jetty/breakwater. There were plenty of rocks and stuff to play on, including a huge, almost mountainous “island” of volcanic rock, Normally covered at least halfway by the ocean, but was nice and prominent (and dry!) thanks to the low tide!

So Me, Miles and Julian hopped and gapped our way down the rocks to the sand, and climbed to the top, where, one by one, we rode down…down…down, and off the 4’ drop at the bottom!

I bet you feel pretty silly unicycling with a bunch of kids! but it’s all in the fun of the sport. Good video, it was nice to see some natural trials for a change.

“Silly?” You’d lose that bet!:smiley: As evidenced in my many videos, I ride with people young and old; in fact some older than me! :astonished: The majority of my fellow riders range from 20’s to late 40’s.
But I wouldn’t call TWO kids a “bunch!” (And Tim is 22, and his brother Matt 19.) I’d say the video below would fit your description of a “bunch”. It was shot about 7 months ago at the same place.

wow…miles just sticks to those rocks…i swear he must have suction cups on his tire for tread :roll_eyes:

He uses only about 10 psi in his tire-if that! And it’s so funny because when he was trying my 24" muni the first thing he said was that the tire was too low, yet while he was bouncing on it there was aboslutely ZERO tire compression! I’m almost twice his weight and run about 28 lbs in my gazz, so I had to laugh!:smiley:

im up to about 14 to 15.