*NEW VIDEO* - CyStairs

This is a SchWag Production video in association with GB4 Productions.

This video takes place on the Iowa State University Campus and is a series of some of our favorite shots over the past few weeks. Not a whole lot of work went into the video, but it gives a good idea what riding here in Iowa is like and a preview of a much larger video that will be produced later.

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Brian Schuster


Very smooth and beautiful action.


i thought it was really boring, music was good, lost intrest in the first minute ( lets just say i got the jist of the video)

4 out of 10

Re: meh

Well, out of all the people that I have talked to in the last couple of days, you are the only one with negative comments. I thank you for your honesty, but I do not believe you understand the concept of the video. I am not one to bash ones creation, but I am not someone who enjoys your work so I do not take your comment to heart.

This video is not really just to entertain and have you on the edge of your seat like other videos that I am working on, it is to prove that George and I accomplished these landmark stairs on the Iowa State Campus as well as to just have fun with it. I am not a trials unicycler, and don’t really plan on getting into it like you do, so I think that we are on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Again, thanks for your comments!

Hey always fun watching peoples videos,makes you wabt to make one yourself.
Keep it up


Great video!! They always look very professional. I love the music. Dope has some good songs. You two are so smooth on your stair riding. I don’t have any big stair sets to practice on here, though i’m on the look-out for some.

see ya… Mojoe

Great work guys, I loved it. There’s some really smooth riding in there. I also thought the filming was done really really well.


Nice shots! The dudes on the mountain bikes at the beginning lack serious skills…other than that it was all good!

Ya, that was me and my friend back home just goofing off at a local Mountain Bike place. Everyone falls when you are doing some technical stuff, but most are from back when we were still intermediate riders! Damn, I love falling!

Re: NEW VIDEO - CyStairs

nice one!

maybe the abovementioned ‘boredom factor’ was inspired by how *^%$#% easy u guys make it look


i just thought…

that they could spruce it up a bit. instead of riding downs some why not try clearing them. The filming was very well done and the whole video was put togther really well.

Re: i just thought…

Thanks, I try to make the videos as well as possible, but like I said earlier this video was just of us accomplishing the stairs. We have tons of other shots, mainly of George, attemting and actually clearing sets of stairs. I will put those clips in a final product that we will put together later on.

If you browse through the gallery, there are many videos, not edited, that show us working on some stuff around campus as well as in the surrounding area.

more stairs please…

The video needs more stairs… not enough stairs… more stairs please… I love stairs!!! just kidding! I thought yall did a good job on making the video and you seem to have the riding down stairs down pat… the thing is and please take this as a compliment… you make them look waaay to easy, you might get one of your friends to push you when your halfway down or have someone ride on your shoulders…or… you could ride down backwards, (hey, you should really try that, I think you would be successfull, considering how well you do them frontwards… ) just to make it look more difficult!:slight_smile: Great job and looking forward to your other videos!

Re: more stairs please…

i didnt find it that great if you wanna see real skill look at the royal riders movies in the gallery

Re: Re: more stairs please…

You Royal Rider Fans seem to not be able to read. Like I stated before, this is not a video showing skills and all mad out stunts, more of a statemend that George and I completed what we did. More to show people in the area that are familiar with the stiars that we rode what unicyclist CAN do. Most people around here can’t believe that you can ride off of pavement let alone down stairs!

if you think the “royal riders” are good, check out the movie “Unirogue, movies 1 - 4” in the gallery…

I believe that will be Trevs video…


(it is in four parts as it was very long)
It is GREAT!