New Video: "Coker Jokers taking up the Slack (line)" 6/3/07

Me, John (Vivalargo) and his buddy Don (the youngin’ of our group at a mere 43 years old :roll_eyes: ) got together at the last minute for a short but schweet 12 mile Coker ride along the beach bike path from Santa monica to Venice and back.

Fun sights along the way, and some wicked downhill challenges at “Venice Mountain”, then we met friends at a local park where we tried our hand (and feet) at “slack-lining!” I’d never done this before and I must say it was really thrilling! We took turns walking then riding!

Yep, three tireless guys riding a tire-less Torker DX on the slack line! Found out real quick that when you fall off the line, it snaps back like a whhhhip! (got it right here…wait, what? haha inside FG joke!) Hope you enjoy!
:smiley: :sunglasses: :slight_smile:

poor dog

That’s it? :thinking:

I am going to go slackline now.

Cool vid. I rode “Mt. Venice” and those little steps w/JL about a year ago, so it was cool to recognize something in your vid for a change.

Still waiting for the bikini-clad babes. Close enough? I don’t think so.

Never mind the unicycling, that slacklining rules. Don and his friends (all rock climbers just learning to muni) can walk back and forth on that super flexy line (the flex makes it very hard to ride on a uni) like it’s a sidewalk.

Next time we try riding the Coker down steep stuff I’m putting on some protective gear and some cranks bigger than 125. You can spin that big wheel like crazy with those dinky cranks but man, the rig feels out of control on the steeps.


thats animal abuse!

Haha it was the best we could find as the the sun was hidden by overcast skies, so not ideal bikini weather, but definitely ideal for cokering!:smiley:

Now you’ve got me looking at getting into slacklining. Oh the madness, where do the interests end!

Nice work - I’m glad I missed the dog scene-that is nuts! Nice work on the slackline. You did great for your first time out.

In not too long you guys will be doing this :stuck_out_tongue:

Slackline Tricks
Slackline Masters

Let me just say, this video is what got me into slacklining. About a week later I went out and got 75 feet of 1" tubular nylon webbing and 5 biners and I’ve been having so much fun with it. Just got back in from an hour long session in the pouring rain.

Looks like fun

And a lot cooler then Key West know. :sunglasses:
I achieved amateur hack status on the slack rope years ago. I just got an idea about a way to fix the rope springing up bad. Perhaps instead of just tying the ends, have one or 2 additional ropes from the tree base or ground, to near the underside of the walking ropes center. The idea is these would be slack and do nothing while someone was on the rope, but would prevent it from whipping up when the walker upd’s.:slight_smile:

hi there, very nice vid!! i did slacklining as well, started then with uni and do almost no more slacklining…should start again…

here a old vid from me with uni and slack:

good vid, were you acrualy ridding a 36"? (looked abit like a 29er to me) Slack line part was godd, how did the tyre-less DXs ride on pavment?

edit: yeah, poor dog

YEah that was a loaner 29er I was riding.

ah well, better for the tech parts :wink:

edit: did you ride the dx on the flat?

Only rode the DX (tire-less) on the slackline. I think it would ruin the rim if ridden on concrete, plus it would be pretty slippery!

lol, I wanted to know what it felt like to ride.

Haha really “bouncy”.:stuck_out_tongue: I would like to try it again, but higher up, and go a lot farther.