New Video By Em

Heres my new Video. Critisisum welcome if i could spell it :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice :slight_smile:
Good music for a change as well - not the usual hiphop bollox.

(So you’re more of a trials/street-style rider then… that explains why you didn’t know the local muni haunts)

I really need to learn to hop better - I ride almost exclusively xc muni, with a rolling rather than hopping style, but there are times when that just doesn’t work :frowning:


Yer i would like to try it but im to lazy and i’ll most likely suck at it but I’m going to come to the dartmoor one

ha ha its like a mini kevin mcmullin, fall…grind…fall…grind…fall lol
good effort m8 keep it up, i will come ride soon we should definetly this half term ride as much as possible.
watch the lighting on some of those clips some of them werre dark

cheers Lucas

I liked the fast flow of images with the music. Was dark and blurry in a lot of places. You spell it “criticism” and edited only has one T. You need to pay attention in English class!!

Yer the lighting was Shocking. Im Gonna buy some car head lights soon so i can run them off a 12v battery so that sould be good. And i shall try and pay attention in english But no promises :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Mike Hatti son-fiyer,

I shouldn’t worry about the odd spelling mistook here and there too much, but it’s good to see that things have improved since ur 1st l33t txt post :smiley:

Great video though. Loved the way you kept going at the tricks even though you knew you would hurt yourself again! keep it up.


(Oh, and the b in But should be lowercase, but the I in i and the E in english should be capitalised :wink: )