New Video - Brandon Nankivell

I am very pleased with the final result for this video in terms of filming, editing, riding and song choice. It’s street and flat. All of the riding is very recent. Sorry that the credits drag on but it does show my goals for 2011 and I had fun making them =)

I hope you like it and Merry Christmas.


I think I’m in love :stuck_out_tongue: mad improvement dawg.

That was a funny bit in the water. Lucky you were filming.

AWESOME video!! The line at 0:53 was creative and original. The triple at 1:35 looked so sick!! I laughed when you fell in the creek :stuck_out_tongue:

The edit and filming was really good too.

Those goals are crazy but I think you will get them:D

ahahaha that fail with the rock in the water made me lol. i was expecting those 2 handrails from the video Jagster put up. oh well, was still some pretty decent riding in there. 540 was awesome man!!

now editing: there were a few parts that were just blank and nothing would happen for a while. also u seem to have a bit of an aspect ratio issue with u credits. u need to edit and render in 16:9, not 4:3. apart from that it seemed to run pretty smoothly and didnt look too bad. good work brandon, ur improving a lot (especially since that cookie cutter fisheye from ur last video lol)

Great stuff Brandon :slight_smile: loved it all, cant wait to see more riding from you.

You should try to get over to melbourne some time soon! :slight_smile:

the Monster Unicycle Street comp is probly a good time lol

Final scene in the sunset was a great way to end. Brilliant video man! :smiley:

I have always liked your riding. Good spin on the 540. Can you catch flips? Nice riding overall!

I can honestly say that I really enjoyed that video and will definitely be watching it again.

Brandon!!! You got so dang good!!! Make more videos PLEASE!

Yes I can catch flips but that is all.

If I could cough up $500.00 I would :o
Maybe next year when i get a job I can go to more events and travel to ride.

Those 2 hand rails that Jaster (Jock) put up I haven’t even seen yet and I didn’t grind any of them successfully but there were some nice bails. I can’t see the video yet cos my internet is capped so it’s going very slow. I thought I rendered in 16:9 but oh well. I think the aspect ratio was 1440 x 1080. What render settings do you use? Keep in mind half the footage is 720p and the fish eye footage is 1080i or 1080p and yes the cookie cutter fish eye was a fail.

It may take a while to improve so maybe I would have another video out mid way through next year.

you use Sony Vegas yea? on 8 i used .wmv 5 Mbps HD 720 25p (cos i edit in PAL (the australian TV format) which is 25fps) and ticked the ‘stretch to fill output frame’ cos it cut off the top and bottom slightly. however if u use 9 then the same wmv settings but untick the stretch to fill output frame box. this is the best quality video with the smallest video file size. if u only want standard def and super small file size for quick upload, but still 16:9 then Default mp4 is good. not sure if 8 can do that tho. ive tested every single video format sony vegas 9 can render and i know all of their qulaities and file sizes etc. i could go on about it forever. and if u dont use sony vegas 8 or 9 then i just watsed my time explaining all this :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. I use Vegas 9.

Brandon, this video is AWESOME!!! Loved everything, great to see the fifth, tripleflip and 720 all in one video. I laughed so hard at the water fail, hilarious!
You can definitely land those tricks next year, go for it man!!! :slight_smile:

My net was capped until today so I couldn’t watch this, I was so excited :stuck_out_tongue:

You didn’t disappoint, amazing video man, loved every bit of it :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’m capped now too so I can’t watch any other videos. :o