New Video: "BC-ing you at Miles' Trials"

Happy New Year all! (Not to be redundant, but I put it here too!:))

Me, Tim (Unimog) and Jake (Bleedfortrials) paid a vist to Miles’ house (Mornish) on New Year’s Eve…day. He lives in La Mesa, CA…that’s near San Diego.

So I’ve been wanting to see and ride his trails course that’s he’s been putting together in his rather sizeable backyard. It’s complete with his own Mini-ramp and Rock Garden, plus a perfect section of street just above his house for BC-ing! He’s got it all…no wonder he’s so dang good!:smiley:

Most of the vid features Miles showing his stuff, but it’s only a bit over 2 minutes in length; I wish I’d shot more footage, but I was too busy riding and/or helping Miles add on stuff to his trials course. Hope you enjoy!:slight_smile: :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses: :smiley:

PS: I hope you like the music; it was chosen by Miles.:slight_smile:
Oh and thanks to Miles’ Mom Marty for the delicious homemade soup & waffles! Now there’s a combo!

Sweet! How long have you been on the bc for terry? Miles have you hit up that halfpipe on your bc yet?

Not long…I’d say I have only about 1 hour of total riding time under my belt. That’s mostly becuase I usually only practice a few minutes at a time and not very often unfortuantely.
As you could see, I have a LOT more hours to put in! I think I’m flailing my arms around waaaay too much! I look like one of those wavy arm blow-up things used for grand openings! :astonished: I also have extremely low plates which I’m not sure helps or hinders my progress.


I’d think low plates would make riding so much easier.

Man miles is lucky to have such great riding places right in his back yard. :astonished:

I don’t know maybe. Yeah Miles has the coolest backyard! I’d be out there every day practicing if I had stuff like that! In the meantime, I plan on getting a whole bunch of cinder blocks and putting them in my backyard for hop/gap practice, and make some challenging lines with them.

Yeah, low bc plates are much easier to ride, except when it comes to turning because they can strike the ground.

I need to make a trials thingy

me too! Does anyone know where to find those round wooden things used to hold cable? Miles (Mornish) has several of them but I forgot to ask him where he found them, and he’s nowhere to be found at the moment. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!:smiley:


nice video guys. wow miles with equiptment like that you will never get bored.

great song, they had to change there name in Australia because we already have a band called the racounters. I now them as the sabatours, i love boy broken toy soldier off there album