New Video: "BC-ing you at Miles' Trials"

Happy New Year all!

Me, Tim (Unimog) and Jake (Bleedfortrials) paid a vist to Miles’ house (Mornish) on New Year’s Eve…day. He lives in La Mesa, CA…that’s near San Diego.

So I’ve been wanting to see and ride his trails course that’s he’s been putting together in his rather sizeable backyard. It’s complete with his own Mini-ramp and Rock Garden, plus a perfect section of street just above his house for BC-ing! He’s got it all…no wonder he’s so dang good!:smiley:

Most of the vid features Miles showing his stuff, but it’s only a bit over 2 minutes in length; I wish I’d shot more footage, but I was too busy riding and/or helping Miles add on stuff to his trials course. Hope you enjoy!:slight_smile: :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses: :smiley:

PS: I hope you like the music; it was chosen by Miles.:slight_smile:
Oh and thanks to Miles’ Mom Marty for the delicious homemade soup & waffles! Now there’s a combo!


Great vid! I really liked it.:slight_smile: “I liked the overhead shots from Jake”.

fun video, looks like a lot of fun.

Miles, your ace wrap looks too high, it looks above the tire. Your yard is huge.

Nicely done Terry. Twas fun chillin with you fellas. Watching Miles do that 7 foot drop makes me wonder what he’ll be trying a year from now haha. Keep it up little man.

oh, I wish I had been there…I’m in San Diego right now. oh well, there’s always Aliso Viejo woods.

My backyard is bigger I think. Your’s is way cooler though… but I have a whole huge shop/car garage full of trials stuff.

Those rocks were awsome. If I didn’t kmnow better I would say Miles was riding a 24"… :slight_smile:

nice riding and cool music.

nice place.
does he have white pedals?

Looks like fun, thanks for inviting me!:frowning: And, I liked the music.

Yeah funny thing, is that it looked waaaay higher in person than on the video. I completely forgot to get footage of his actual trials stuff which consists of those big round wooden things used to hold cable, pallets, a tubular skinny, and other assorted stuff. I guess we got sidetracked because we spent a fair amount of time just trying to “stabilize” the stuff so it wouldn’t tip over while hopping onto it. :astonished:

Yeah white pedals, and his kh trials looks like a 24 on him! :smiley:

kewl, nice riding! Where has Miles been anyway? Havn’t seen him on here in awhile.

I think he went to Mammoth.

Good Vid,:slight_smile: are we riding this sunday. :smiley:

yeah that was cool, kinda mkes me want to bc again…its been like a year for me, or more. are you guys going to moab? im going (mostly to chill with forrest rowell) and itd be cool to meet yall.

yah i think we will all be there. If we can hellp it. :smiley:

yeah I’m planning on it. I’ll see who else wants to come. I’m thinking Cholla/lynx/rockit at aliso woods…same meeeting place at the park side.

was that kiloornish miles