New video Backyard trials

Here’s a new video I made. Tell me what you think of it. Hope you enjoy.

I think it was nice.

Very good.
Go on!:slight_smile:

dl ing now

that was good! i liked the 2x4 skinny, thats was nice. is that just a no-name uni your riding? that seat doesnt look very good for trials.

noice video

I like the fact that you can do WAY skinnier skinnies than i can.

i need to find a way to put videos on here.
i have such a fun natural trials line in my backyard.
hooray for living in the mountains.

Good job

You did a good job in this video and I applaud you:). However, in your next

video throw in a little more hopping and less riding on thin objects. All in all,

Bravo :sunglasses: .

That is like the best uni video ever.
I like it, it made me feel all happy and made me want to go uni.
I also like the fact that your’e way better at riding skinnies than me:p