NEW VIDEO: Another British Contribution

Guys, it’s finally here. After many weeks of promising a video I can now present you with a video that I am proud of. Hope you all like it, won’t say much more, judge for yourselves.


P.S. It’s called Jason Auld Pro Unicyclist, before anyone says anything, no I’m not up myself that much, was abit of a laugh, more a play on Tony Hawk Pro Skater.

ill only watch it if you tell me what kind of music and how any fingers and if youv got make-up on

why not wait and see, surely that’s part of the excitement.

I’m downloading it right now, but judging by his past few threads, I think this one will be a little more conservative ( :

i did that last time and had to stop watching cuz it was horrble

hey that was pretty good. i liked the editing with the beginning part. the riding was pretty good too. i liked the hop sif to hop on tire (without turning uni) and then doing kind of like a 270 out but the uni only goes 180 because you turn your body 90 again. Have you tried 270s from tire to pedals? there easier the 270s from pedals to tire (at least for me), i bet you could get them.

Wicked Awesome! what kind of uni do you have?

it’s good!
i liked it!

Just a bog standard Onza 20" Trials uni. I’m not used to that heavy a uni, saying that I believe its quite light for a trials uni. Anyway…question answered, glad the responses so far are positive, keep them coming.


I liked all of the unispins. Especially the one where you kind of landed on the tire.

its dling now…can someone link me to his last vid…i never had the priveledge of seeing it…i dont care if you didnt like it i wanna see it.

its takin forever…could you put it in wmv format for me…i would muchly appreciate that.


i didnt like it dont watch it!!:stuck_out_tongue:

just search gang rap clown

Nice movie!!
The only advice I have is try to not do so many setup hops…other than that, nice work ( :

Sorry bout the file type, it was my first time working with iMovie so its very foreign to me. I’m not sure I can put it in WMV format and if I can I have no idea how to.
Thanks for all the comments so far, I wanna hear from some British dudes, so far they are yet to comment. Look forward to hearing from anyone else, whether they be british or not.


Thanks Amanda, I like to think I’m good with the spins, could maybe give you a few tips to improve yours :p. True I need to reduce my set up hops, gives me something else to work on for my next video.
Keep 'em coming,

P.S. still haven’t heard from unijesse, I think he’s scared to watch it. I’ll tell you what, the music is stereophonics, kinda soft rock I guess, but you’ll just have to wait n see how many times I give the finger :smiley:

The link is not working for me, you need to give me another link pleaseeeeees

Try this, hope it works for you


the video doesnt work for me, the link just goes to a blank page

I got the same problem !? Blank Page