New video after all summer of not having one

Well here’s my new video I just made after not being able to make one all summer.
It’s mainly trials and street.
Hope you enjoy!

~Taylor Wright-Sanson~

nice vid, that unispin on the wall was gutsy :astonished:

very nice vid i liked it:)

nice vid, the title made me laugh

Thanks. I did fall off that wall once but not doing the unispin. I was just walking down it lol.

that was great. jumping like that on bleachers and stairs is actually pretty hard, you get a bunch of mementum and it’s ard to stay balanced.

the gliding was fabulous. I’ve been having trouble getting into gliding like that.


Great riding, Taylor. You rock, dude.:smiley:


Great Job!

Your hard work has been paying off.

Keep up the great work.

See you guys soon.


dude, your my hero. seriously your pretty much right up there with lance armstrong.

that was really really good man! i remember you. youre getting even better man, keep riding, keep making good videos. respect.

Thanks all.
Hey Adam when is the next uni weekend in longisland?

that was a very nice video. i thought the music went well with the riding too.

That video was awesome. Good Job. And how long have you been riding?

About 1 1/2 years

Thanks all for the comments.

Well done! You looked like you had alot of fun on those stairs. Nice gliding too, I wish I could do that. I love that song too, it went well with the riding and editing.

Great video.
Your really good!
I like the unispin 360 on that wall the most.:slight_smile: