New Video: 4Jahreszeiten | 4 Seasons

Hi, after a long time my new video is ready. It’s a multisport video with lots of municycling (and kayaking, mountainbiking, snowboarding, …)

Overall it’s 15min and if you don’t speak german - it’s just a short info at the beginning and you can read the text at vimeo

ok - the link is

Hope you like it

hi Werner

nice video, good riding :wink:
(i bin der Junge der mit dir mal einradln und mit Tom war :smiley:
nice to see a video from you

-andy :slight_smile:

Tight video! Really enjoyed watching you guys do all your different sports. Wish I could do half that stuff.:slight_smile:

beautiful scenery. loved the mountain parts with uni and bike best. amazing!
keep it up. nice edeting, fits perfect.

That is a ridicolously awesome video! Your editing was :astonished: , the unicycling was good, but the sport at 04:09 looked bafflingly fun and cool - what is it called? :smiley:

I really liked the part of the intro with the drawings of unicycling and such. I thought it would be the best part of the video, but I was wronger than I’d expect.

MUnicycle Man was a cool song. I didn’t know that there is songs about unicycling!

I’ve probably forgotten to talk about how good something else in the video was, but I can’t remember what it is right now. :slight_smile:

EDIT: It is too good for Vimeos like-button. It deserves a love-button.

really good video!
The scenery is amazing.
Your editing also great.
The songs pretty good… the first was the weakest… barely english. The 2nd about unicycles was cool. The 3rd/4th were better yet, except not about unicycles.
The thing that I like least, especially in a 15 minute video that spans 4 seasons, is the clips had no rhyme or reason. A story/order would be good. They just seemed random and eventually tiresome. If they are chronological, point out the 4 seasons. Or you could order it by the ‘friends’ name. Or by the locations you went. Whatever it is, something of a story/plotline would help make it a more coherent video.
I’m looking forward to the sequel, 5 friends :slight_smile:


hi all

thanks for your comments and I’m glad you like the movie :slight_smile:

@Unigurd: at 4:09 it’s whitewater kayaking down a lovely waterfall
The Municycle Man song was written and performed by a friend of mine expecially for the video (as well as the Little night music and the Lets Ride)

@phthoruth: if you mean the HeyGirl song than I give you a clue: it’s from a french girl
Concerning the storyline: yes I see and understand your point and it’s true. but the video really shows the clip from the season that they are shown and I just ride my unicycle and bike all year round …
And sorry - I have to disappoint you, the next will be called 999meters and not 5friends … but I just started with the collection of the footage so it will take some time …

So the song will be 99 Nuftballoons? :slight_smile:
Another thought is it could be 4 videos of 4 minutes, one for each season.

Good point - but the storyline from the next is “what is in the distance of 999meters from your homeplace” … municycle and bicycle …

that was a entertaining vid :D:D
the editing was very good!! and a lot of nice sports!!! :astonished: especially the kayaks :roll_eyes:
AND I’m jealous about the area were you live…
It is so beautifull :o you have everything…: mountains, rivers, forest,… :slight_smile:

übercool :stuck_out_tongue: