NEW VIDE: "Devil's (slide) Rejects"

Five of us began the ride, but only five of us returned…oh wait…there’s no difference there!

Anyway, we had a fantastic time out at Devil’s slide this past Sunday, and the video really captures that; what you can’t see is that it was raining…[edit] “drizzling” for 60% of our ride, so the entire ALL ROCK trail, smooth in sections, was as slippery as a greased bar of soap! (but it didn’t seem to bother Tim (unimog) too much!) Of course this made for some fun bails!
You will also see Jim’s brand new 26" custom surly/large marge with what looks like the fattest tire I’ve EVER seen! And a curious onlooker decides to try his luck…but was not so lucky!


Cool, that looks like a really fun trail.


What a fun day in the rain. Rocks very sandy and wet. But fun, Can’t wait till the weekend for more fun.

Bloody Youtube!

That’s what I said today when I was doing my physics homework during psychology. It’s funny how we come to the same conclusions from completely different directions.

At least it’s not in the gallery - I’ve given up even trying to look at vids people post in there.

That looks like a superb trail - bit like Dartmoor but even more rocky and steep :slight_smile: I’d like to have a go at that - bit far away though :frowning:
Isn’t that endomorph/lm/gb4 thing ugly :astonished:


I dont have a problem with the gallery. Only thing is that there is no download link on most videos, unless its quicktime, but I just make my own link.

I cannot upload ANY videos to the gallery! It seems it’s always down or not working right. Just a while ago I tried again and about 20 minutes into the upload process it spit me out onto GILBY’S GALLERY! And the upload didn’t complete…again! So I’ve given up on the gallery.

trail looks fun, no comments

Then why did you comment? :stuck_out_tongue:

It does look fun. Hey Terry, are you going to Moab Munifest again this year? (next year…)

Didn’t make it last May ('06) but absolutely plan on being there in '07:DI’ll also have my 36" BC wheel!

That’s a 36" BC and not an UW right?
First I’ve ever heard of anything other than a 20" BC wheel.
Either way it ought to be interesting. :roll_eyes:

I can’t see any vids on youtube right now:( . None of the computers at my school have the software and the computers won’t let me download it. :angry:

I was actually kidding about the 36" bc wheel! I would love to make one though!

That looked like a fun trail!

lol nice i want marge:)

Marge is a one man woman, I won’t share the lovin’!!!

haha…I got to ride her, and she sure is bouncy… :wink: :smiley:

I rode it on the street and it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to turn! Awsome on the trail though.:smiley: