New vid

Tis pretty lame because i haven’t been riding in ages as both my uni seats are broken

I made it so Kim could see smallspins and varials and hopefully learn them

Apparently I subscribe you on youtube, so I saw the vid b4 the thread :stuck_out_tongue:

what the hell how odd. it says im subscribed to you on your account but not on mine. but im not subscribed to you???

Cool, I wish I could varial flip. Nice job.

You stole the “thats all folks” with the broken seatpost from Kelly Hickman in iPod video. But it was cool.

thanks for the comments

i did??? havent seen that video in a while so i wouldn’t know.

Reef that vid was awesome. You need to make more videos

Varial flips are one of the only three flip tricks I can do.

Thanks, i try to make lots but its hard with a broken uni.

thats cool. you should learn to do them really well.


What’s your other uni other than your LX? And have you tried any tires on it other than stock? I think a 20X2.25 will fit. I have a 20X2.1 on my Nimbus X2007 w/ what I’m sure is enough clearance for a 2.25.

Broken post is a good excuse to get a better seat (Or are you one of the few who actualy like that seat?), or talk your parents into getting a splined trials.

nice video Reef but your camera guy sucks, you replaced me for a crate or a esky :frowning: geez your a good friend nah jks… oi did you film that on wednesday?

thanks guys.
i have an LX and a nimbus trials.
i’ll leave the lx for freestyle and nimbus for street/ trials.
im getting a kh very soon.

hahaha the siimpsons. moe gets replaced by a cooler at that flower opening.


Could you please tell me what all of those tricks consist of?

i dont know what you mean.

Like a smallspin, is that a 360 unispin with 180 bodyspin?

small spin is the same as a varial, eccept you start som seat out

ok, Thanks, Is it a lot harder then 360 unispin?

you have skills but lack flow and style. a bit jerky for my liking

theyre about the same

well at the end its all explained. it says i know theyre not very clean but my only excuse is a broken seat.