New vid

i just finished the editing, it was filmed one year ago
– bobousse

You really should be using your left hand for all of that. Notice how when you pedal grab you have to switch hands to keep your balance? Thats becuase you should be using the other one. If you jump to the right then its easier to use your left hand. It would make things alot easier once you got used to it.

Thats crazy haha. Its weird to see how much you’ve improved. Crazy stuff. I might release a vid later too…

You were so close to the 360!


verry nice vid!

good stuff man, nice to see how uve imprioved definetly soooooo much

torkerdx says

I was like ok, hes a decent rider… and then you do the unispin drop and I was like where the heck did that come from?
nice though

as i said the footage of this vid was filmed one year ago… since i changed my hop side but i kept my right hand on the saddle… no i can pedal grab on both sides and hop high on both sides but i improved a lot in high jump by changing side
thanks for all your comments

– bobousse

sorry for my english which is bad sometimes

whats a really nice vid i liked it :smiley: by the way whats the music cald

Navras by Don Davis it’s matrix soundtrack

Sounds good.