New vid!



Nice! I just saw it on enhjulingsfolket.The seatdrags where awesome!

Thanks fred :smiley:

Awesome vid, bro. Impressive gapping.

Do you ride a qu-ax 20"?

Nice job! Loved the vid!

Nice gaps, seat drags, and the bald tire. Superb vid :slight_smile:

hanson rules

Noo i have the onza.

Thanks all folks!! :smiley: :smiley:

Wow that was good y’all…

great vid! And yes once again, your seat drags were incredibly smooth.

I have absulutley no clue how you can possibly seatdrag down stairs!

that’s so cool!

sweet was that all you

No my friend to.
But i can do exrything that the other did :stuck_out_tongue: Im whit the Onza.

I like. I like.

Awesome video…

Mmbop, how about mmno.