new vid..

so yea I decided to edit some footage… hmm Im going to film more tomorow… so dont complain it’s too short ill have about 1-2 more minutes of footage tomorow yay:D

wow you suck…lol j/k acctually youre pretty good ive never seen a vid of you before…good stuff.

it’s my second one… but I will be adding alot to it tomorow…

good…it was really short. i assume youre a more street rider than trials right? also what uni are you riding in that movie…what are the specs?

Hi Max,

I have to tell you i used to think you were a guy that criticizes a lot but doesn’t do much. I’m sorry, you present here some clean gaps and drops. Il me tarde d’en voir plus.

Do you practice some freestyle to ?

Have you already checked my videos ? I’m opened to any criticism. 32Mo 37Mo 42Mo


That was pretty cool. Your crankflip didn’t look full though;)

it wasnt a crankflip i dont think his feet came off the pedals…like just a rotator or something.

Oh, nevermind then. It is kind of hard to tell from that angle…what ever it was it wasn’t full;)

it is a crankflip… but not a crankflip it’s what I call the “max flip” half crankflip with a half rev… and thanks to all… my uni is a bardford frame with profiles… a luna and a custom viscount made by me…emm I do not really practice alot of freestyle… but you guys wait till tomorow I got so much new stuff down like 30 mins ago it’s gonna be sick… I got 180 tire grabs seat out down they look soooo good… neways thanks to all…

oh you really look like owen !

Bo video champion !

youre such a hot dog kapoute.

nice vid maxamillion. i know youre good, you dont got to prove nothin’ to me man. are you gonna put any unispins in it?

I dont think so… maybe 180’S but my 360 r just soo bad and I land them at a rate of like 1/10… so yea… I sotped practicing them that’s sortof why men… sry… thanks for comments tho… merci le sexy kapoute :slight_smile:

Im also wearing a g-string right now

Its winter and its cold (really bad joke sorry)

well thank you all for the comments… anyhting I should do that I dont do right or anything ?

Um can you make it a little better quaility or bigger or something? Otherwise looks good. I liked those big 180 drops.

it is kinda hard to make it bigger qual… since I am not editing it my self… (lazy) so my bud has to e-mail it to me… but we will try to put it on a cd with higher qual tomorow… thanks forrest

That was cool vid like the hand rails but how do you grind hand rails when ever I grind anything other than grind boxes I just don’t go any where do you use wax?

I take the pins out of my pedals so it slides good… and wax the rail a little bit too if it’s wood… but metal on metal usually slides good…