new vid

hey i made another uni vid, so check it out
if this link doesn’t work then look 4 my gallery,Team Radius (it’s like number 129 in the gallery lol)

yah so it’s a minute longer (less credit time by the way) with skate boarding and unicycling (of course). hope u like it.

good video, quality was really choppy, but you can see the tricks ok.
you need to wear safety gear. not kidding. you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble. wear at least a helmet.

but otherwise, cool video… the blooper with you and the wall looks like you hit the wall like that on purpose.

hmm…wow… the unicycling is good… but if ur gonna but skateboarding into a uicycling video… please put some good skateboarding… sorry if that offended anyone… and once again Ima ahve to say the music juste isnt right… but else then that sweet vid men

Yea, no offence, but those fake falls into the wall and when going backwards were absolutely terrible. The riding was ok, though.

(I sound like Simon)

yah sorry bout that lol i suck at bloopers so those two were fake lol

yo i liked that no footer a lot. that was pretty cool. and kickflips are way hard so much respect on that.

Huh…before I’d never heard anything I liked from Trivium. But that song rocked. Thanks.
Although I still don’t like metal in uni videos.
Nice riding, though.

I thought the WWing on the blooper was actually pretty good…until you fell.

You’re outakes are unbelievably cheesy.