new vid!

Well, I haven’t done much trials for about 1 - 2 months or so. Heres a vid that I just shot and made today. Give me feedback, I know the editing sucks. But i can’t help that :-p.

Check it out!

niiiice, you’re not bad.


TONS of improvement! I remember when you were asking how to hop :slight_smile:

Looks like you’re doing great - keep it up. Your camera man could use a little improvement of his own, though. Tell him to center the subject… the subject being you, not just the wheel you’re sitting on.

About the editing - I have no idea… I’m terrible at it.

Keep filming, keep improving in leaps and bounds!


Re: new vid!

that hosting service sucks; i can’t access the video on my mac.

that hosting service sucks; i can’t access the video on my mac.

I had no trouble at all on my Mac. Try checking your media settings…

Darkpoison, I liked your video. Keep at it!

Really? How did you run it on your mac? it uses OLE (confirmed via the source of the page), and the error I get in Safari on Mac OS 10.4 Tiger is:

The page “- Hosted at” has content of MIME type “application/x-oleobject”. Because you don’t have a plug-in installed for this MIME type, this content can’t be displayed.

Unless you are using virtual PC, there is going to be now way to see an embedded WMV movie on your Mac that uses OLE.

I’ve programmed both systems…so i know.


Seconding the complaint about the hosting, and I’m on linux, that plugin simply isn’t available to me, and the link to the movie just links me back to that same page.

A direct link to the video file is

If you click that link and get a page of gibberish text then try a different browser or use wget or httrack to get the file. Or you could try the right-click save as thing and maybe that’ll work.

The way the file is hosted does make downloading the video inconvenient.

edit: whoops. The link didn’t work in the forum. Try this one.

OK. Try again with smilies disabled

Nice video man. I remember we used to talk here and there. Its nice to see at least one of us is getting better.peace.

Damn, I didn’t think any of you people really new I existed around here. Hehe. Well, thank you all for the compliments. Sorry for those who had problems seeing it. Well, i’m out. Later.