New vid..

I did this vid for my friend, to help her to find sponsors for her trip to unicon in NZ

Tell me what u think !

She makes it look easy…but it’s not! Great skills! :slight_smile:

Whaat? That video is not available in my country or domain!


You know you can set youtube to worldwide?

maybe, i’m not sure what you mean.

In the top left hand corner their should be an option for worlwide, right next to Youtube.

good to see a freestyle video. I love the song!

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Love me some free-style and she should get to go to NZ for sure. Hard stuff!

Nice, that’s awesome.

You guys have cool names.

Good luck finding a sponsor… dunno how likely that would be. Takes world class riders to get sponsorships like that.

Maybe make another vid later in the year.

I already had it on worldwide. And I live in Denmark just like Lærke and Asger.