new vid

this is not all i can do at all. if i had some better spots i could make a better vid. but here is my new vid.

Cool video, but if I may suggest a few things, one of them would be to not hop up things using two hands.

Another would to not edit two clips toether to look like one. Toward the beginning, when you hopped up the last step, it was obvious that you edited it so it looked like you kept going, when in reality you didn’t.

And last bit of constructive criticizm is to not hold the tire when you mount if you can help it. When you learn to ride skinnies and such, it will throw your balance off.

Keep at it man, you’re doing great so far.

  1. Music should match your riding style. I thought it didn’t fit at all.

  2. The video was so shaky at times it was hard for me to keep watching. Use a tripod/lean against something for stability.

  3. Hop with only one hand. No exceptions.

I hope I don’t sound too harsh, but this should help you with your next video.
Welcome to the sport!

acctually it was i one try but half way through the stairs my camera man hit pause and then hit record again. he is a terrible camera man, he always does that.
the two hands thing is a habbit i am trying to get out of