[New Vid] Unicycle Stopmotion

hi :slight_smile:

here a new vid :slight_smile: It was a stopmotion project for school.
I had really much time the last 3 weeks, because i was injured.
I hope you will enjoy it! It’s nothing special.



Comments are appreciated.

I’m back now after 3 weeks :roll_eyes: outseventhflips -> i was really close

Man that was really cool. looks like it took a while but it turned out great:)

I enjoyed that a lot!
Very well put together and it looks like it took a while :slight_smile:

That was the most creative video ive ever seen:)
Great job on making the vid, i really enjoyed watching it

Absolutely exquisite!

It looks like it took a long time, the result was worth the effort.
Keep them coming.

That was really cool, really enjoyed the whole thing, thank you.

Very nice concept. I wouldn’t have considered using stills of what is essentially a video as props in a stop motion movie. It’s like de-animation followed by reanimation.

That was cool, really trippy!

that was really cool… would of taken so freaking long! great work :slight_smile:

really nice!! was that a canon 550d you used to film

Haha, The rolling wraps look heaps good.

thanks for the comments :slight_smile:
the camera was a canon eos 500d and a panasonic camcorder

Inspired by Mysteryguitarman’s “Cut it out”(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qzL0pMHSwM)??

NIce made!!


Applause …applause !!!
That was superb.
I hope you got an A+
Well worth my time to watch…