New vid. "Twin"

Hi all.

We made this vid for the swedish championship videocompetition, it lost with only one vote and placed second.
We arent really pleased with the result, but it´s worth watching.
handycam sucks.

Made by Batteriknutte and Josefposef.

Just want to remind you that this vid don´t got a disease, so it´s not a sick vid, and if you wonder, we are keeping it up.

Sick vid man, keep it up!

Love your style! keep it upp!

is it on youtube? I can only watch a part of it on vimeo…

My favorite video since I can remember.

You have the oddest looking high jump in the beginning. I watched it over and over. It looks so cool!

Very nice.

The in-in tre that was in there was super-smooth :stuck_out_tongue:

Your fifths are pretty nice and smooth too.

Youtube cut the sound…

That was hot.


That vid was crazy! I normally don’t like vids with lots of flat tricks but you balanced it really nicely with the trials riding.

Dam I hate watching all these vids in which everybody is ten times better than me but I guess it gives me some inspiration.:stuck_out_tongue:

are one of you wearing wearing crocs at 1:20? haha

I just want to watch the video, lol. It sounds really good from the comments:p

You’ll like it because jo is around your levelish.

Wow, anyone else reminded of raph and elias? :stuck_out_tongue:

really good,
really liked the fifths and 7spins

who got first though?

nice vid man

Yeah, he does better highjumps and gap without pads and normal shoes. You should try them for soft trials.
If you wonder, Batteriknutte is the one with shortneck, doing trials.
I am the one doing street, with a longneck.

great all 'round. I liked the bit at 1:30 where you teased us with a black pause timed with the music stopping.

+1 Wow very good :DI also like your hats HAHA

awesome vid!
i liked the 720s, fifths and the huge coasts!

That was sweet. Makes me want to go spin and jump on things.