New Vid - Trick Sluts

Its really long but me and my mate dont care. We made this vid and wanted it on dvd to start with. Then we decided to post it on Youtube, if you think its too long then simpley don’t watch it all. But if you do that you’ll miss the best stuff I put at the end hehe.

Chris (me) is the one with the Green/V KH, Lucas (my mate) is the one with the blue KH and the third rider you see sometimes is Luke.

This thread was originaly posted by Unicycledood. This account holders name is Lucas, Chris is Unicycledood

Awesome video. maybe a bit too long. I like the style, and the grinds.

How big was that rail at the end?


15 stair I count, long stairs though.

Yeah it was a 15, I had to seriously work myself up to do that rail. First time I got it the security guy got pretty mad and made us leave but that was fine because we got the footage and were happy. then the tape screwed up and I was so pissed! Luckily we got back to the spot, got spoted but made some lame excuse that the security bought then hit the rail and got it first try ^^.

It is long. We wanted to make a long video because we put it on DVD for memories sake because we enjoyed making it so much.

dang one of those rails looks really high for a hand rail…
nice grinds though especially the crankflip to grind, it was smooth and that one at the end is pretty dang smooth,
will it grind, that was funny…
good vid though, soo funny when the guy in the black kept racking him self though…

that video rocked… my favourite part was the ending that grind was really good keep it up.

nice, I liked the 360 flip

That was awesome! It was long but I didn’t even notice because it was good. I liked how it wasn’t repetative at all and you were always riding in different spots. And the hand rail at the end was sweeeeeeet

Cheers mate, but i thought it was a little repetative we both did like 1 million crankflips lol

yea, but in different senary? lol. and differnt hights and stuff so its nt so bad