New Vid-The War on Error(Jon Atwell)

Hey boys and girls!(yeah that sounded kinda like somthing from barney)

buuuut anyway, heres my newest video-

ok so this is way way way shorter then i wanted it to be for 2 reasons.

1-my camera broke.
2-it snows quite a lot in minnesota

theres also a little bit of reused footage in it but thats because
some of the people i’m sending this to probs havn’t seen much
of my unicycling or anyones

-jon A


0:40 is a great combo!!! Fifth was great to see too.

That lateflip over the rail would have been amazing. I expect to see that when the snow melts away!

PS-I love the tags to this thread (did you do that?)

Smooth as always. Sucks about the camera.

That was pretty sick dude… nicely done

You. Are. The man.

Don’t you mean…freakin’ legit!

Nice video. I so want to learn that kick-up thing

Wow, that was awesome. Probably my favourite of your videos.

I loved the rolling hop onto the truck bed.

You got some moves there feller! Brilliant run on that wall with high hops, rolling 360 and all that other stuff. Don’t know what to call it all.

Great video, horrific music :wink:

I couldn’t tell what you were trying to accomplish with that rail…

Nice video Jon!

You did almost all tricks that I learned this week! varial rolls to rolling wrap changing your foot (stance), scufff coasting, rolling wraps to 270 to outside rolls…

The fifthflip was also cool…!

I love the way you 360… You jump so high!

Nice video!

Sweet vid! You had a nice roll out of the rail bail! Haha, that rhymes. :roll_eyes: But that looked super scary!
Your fifth was HOT! (along with the rest of the riding, but that’s to be expected, right?)
I also liked the little cameo you gave your shiny shoes with your fancy kick-up.
Oh, and the line in front of the graffiti wall was filmed well, don’t you think?:wink:

Yeah dunno what you were trying on the rail… I didn’t think it was a lateflip… But I thought it was a little simple for just trying to clear it.

very nice video, combo’s were good, and your 360°unispins are really clean !!! :slight_smile:

Nicee video!
Enjoyed all the combos and the rolling hop inn the truck :smiley:

Wow. Crazy style, everything is rolled out of. :astonished: Awesome video

Wow Jon, that was sick. Super smooth and stylish.

that was awesome!

the rolling wrap to 360 to utideroll was great :wink:

nice fifthflip too and clean



Yeah awesome vid, should have been longer :o too bad your camera broke

Nice! Your style shines through this vid. Its like aggressive but flowy at the same time. UNIQUE!

Too bad you couldn’t get more clips though:(.

awesome vid Jon. your 360’s are tight and congratulations on the fifthflip.

Merry Christmas:)