New Vid! Team Truckee : In the Wintertime (sort of)

I’ve been in the process of churning out another movie for you to enjoy.
Team Truckee : In the Wintertime is a 10 minute movie (about) and is a compilation of about three days riding.

In this video, i may have invented a mount. I’m not sure, so i called it the “unnamed mount” at the end of the video. People, please tell me if i’ve invented somthing somewhat new… It isn’t very hard at all, but i’m proud of myself for making this up out of my own head, even if it has been invented already.

24mb, Quicktime.

(and that’s the low res version…) if you’re willing to have a HUGE file for Hi-res to download, please tell.)

heh heh, you weren’t lying when you said it was the low res version. In future videos it may help if you use closer shots, because on some parts it was near impossible to see what was going on. Just a thought.

As for the riding, looked pretty good! I have never seen that kind of mount before and don’t know what one would call it.

Just one question though, was that a 24" DX or a 20’ DX? It may be just me, but it looked like it changed partway through the movie. (I’m probly just crazy, that’s what I’m told anyway)


i rode a 20" DX. Kyle rode a 24" muni of some sort.

i’d like a huge/hi-rees version. also, not quicktime if possible.

scratch that. just watched it. larger res would be nice in the future, but i don’t need one of this vid. no idea what to call that mount.

Team Truckee??? Theres a huge group of yall, and no MUNI? WTF?


Great work!

From what I hear, these guys do gnarly muni rides all the time. They just don’t have that thar intur-net thingy out in the sticks, so we don’t hear about it so much. I think abbabibble has to drive out to Reno just to post on the forums.


yeah… i have no excuse for not putting any muni in there…
that was mostly a trials film… sort of.

my next one should have some muni in it…

The next one should have some Catboy and Reno in it.

Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy…
Nice movie though. Your shots are really long, I think that could have been alot shorter. For that parking lot scene, I have no idea what was going on and I just saw lots of cars drive by :slight_smile: I have seen a mount similar to that, one of the koxx guys did it, he starts with his foot on the tire and he does a no footer to mount, I think its in the koxx freestyle roadtrip movie but I’m not sure.

Its good to see a homestarrunner fan.

I did that moutn a while ago… dont think it’s new but I dont know the name

I’m working on the bouncies/prehops/whatevers. I’m getting better.

i’m posting a higher quality version as of now.
This thing is huge, 55MB or so… its the biggest i could get it so it didn’t have to be over a gigabyte.

Team Truckee: In The Wintertime, HIghres

how long you guys been riding? cause you guys suck. bad.

wow, that was nice.

atleast he said what he thought and did no lie. I think my self that the video is alright

nice video i liked it lots of bonceys though any way good video oh and get your pets spaded or nuterd

i can hardly critisise, but if i am going to make a video i will make sure i can at least hop properly or something. jesus, this was bad.
i’ve been riding for around 3 months but this is poor. hehe

you just bought yourself a ticket to bad-repsville.

if you can “hardly criticise” dont!