New Vid: Stairways to Heaven

Mike and I went riding today, and I ended up playing on the stairs a bunch… Nothing earth-shattering here, but a lot of up stairs and such…

In other news, the big videos in my gallery have been shrunk down (mostly Owen’s “Body Movin’”, from 63 Megs to 25 I think… Don’t remember, I shrunk them all…)

thats asome when he tries to ride the ultimate wheel down the stairs lol

also try to hop up steps without hopping in between them just one hop for everyone just a little suggestion

Yah the ultimate wheel stair ride is pretty cool, but when your going up staires, try and keep a stand still after each hop, so your not “pogo sticking” your unicycle…looks better and its good practice as well. Try jumping down everyother stair, or every other 2 staires, mix it up a bit.

I’ve only been going up stairs for about 3 weeks, with not enough practice. By the end of the day I was doing better with the still stand up steps… of course that was when we stopped filming :wink:
Mike almost made it to the end of the stairs on the UW, but didn’t make it before the send-off…
Yeah, I was thinking of the two-stair hop, and we wanted to get some shots of me hopping down stairs… but Campus Security chased us off :frowning: Anyone know some good stairs in Sherbrooke where they don’t mind unicycles? :wink:

Pretty cool. Themusci is pretty appropriate as far as unicycling goes, good job.

I’ve been waiting a year to put that song in a video :smiley:

Just wish we’d filmed more, now that security won’t let us play on stuff :’(