New Vid: "Show Me the Muni!"

Me, Jim, and Devin were joined Saturday (11/4/06,) by John (Vivalargo) and Josh (Entropy) for a fun muni adventure on the “Rock-it” trail in Aliso Viejo, CA.

Actually, John and Josh bombed down “Stair Stepper” a few times first…just to get “warmed up!”. A fun day all around!

Although it was only the second authentic muni outing for Devin, he’s improving by leaps and bounds…literally!

You’ll see some little extra bits and pieces added in for fun. Hope you enjoy!:smiley:

Another fun day of muni Sunday (TOMORROW) when Perry (after a little absence) joins in the fun!

Nice vid. =p

I think you should post a link in RSU for your vids, but post the main thread in the video forum, so it gets used more. =p

ha, i loved it when you woke up your uni=p that was hilarious but really nicevid. youre definatley getting better. btw nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice!!!

should/can I do that now, or just for future reference? I’m just so used to poaring them here, which I hope is ok; it just seems that there aren’t many viewing the video forum at any particular time. Of course I guess if we all start posting vids there exclusively, more people would be looking there. Thanks for the tip Jerrick! :smiley:

Thanks justin for your NICE comments!

You can do it for your next vid. =p

I know RSU gets more attention so more views for your vid, but putting a thread into the Video section would just make it easier to find when somebody wants to watch it and whatnot. =p

I didnt think you would be so ripped. Your looking great for your age. lol, You can put shame to a lot of kids and 20-30 year olds. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, there’s one part of the vid where you bomb a trail, going about twice as fast as you usually do, and you cleaned it. I was very impressed seeing that much improvement from your last vid. Great job.

Did the wing or something break in the last part? Kinda looked like something snapped off.

i didnt either, i was like…wo…old guy;) with muscles WEIRD! must be all that piano tuning:D

Ok thanks will do!

Actually, that was a stunt double, haha! Nah, but thanks! Muni has really helped me get in shape!

Yeah I’ve been making a real effort to be more aggressive in my speed, but I still like mixing it up with hops, gaps and stuff.

No that was the battery! It’s attached with velcro to the topof the wing and is meant to fall off on impact and disengage the wiring connection so it won’t rip it out on impact.

nice video terry

hahaha! That’s a good one! Actually moving pianos would do the trick…but I let the moving companies do the heavy lifting! :sunglasses:


nice… Those bikers where going down like 40 mph that section. The second one did almost kill me…

Thanks guys for the fun day of muni

Had fun and thanks for the tour of Stair Stepper, Jim. You ride well enough to have given that a shot–once your ankle recovers. Sky’s the limit for you guys and you have a fun area to ride.

If Terry would spend more time riding than screwing around with that video camera his learning curve would steepen appreciably. He’s about twenty times better than the last time we rode.


Haha! John I can’t seem to help it; videotaping is an obsession! It’s like I’m afraid if I don’t bring it I’ll end up missing something fantastic! :smiley:

tehn bring it and don’t film!

Wtf? That’s like saying bring your uni but don’t ride it! OR better yet, giving cigarettes to a chain smoker and saying, “now don’t smoke these!” Maybe I need a “12 (stair) step” program to rid me of my videotaping addiction!:wink:

:slight_smile: Glad to be mentioned in the film once. Tery you do need to ride more and film less, but it makes it fun for all the poor shits like me in shity farm lands with no other unicyclists, Windsor CA, for example. GOOD riding to ALL:) . P.S. Jim i have a hundred $$$$ for large marge if you dont ride her. LOL

Wish i could be there. :smiley:

Here’s the Downloadable link:

:slight_smile: :roll_eyes: :D;)

there’s nothing wrong with filming that way if you or someone does something that ends up to be a world record you have it on video tape! But that’s never happened to me :frowning:

look at my avatar for a pic of world cup.

ps. I did like the movie more than I usually do, but the nices got a little repetitivie.