New Vid: San Juan Loop trail 10.8.06

Probably the most technical trail overall that we’ve done together. Geloadders says it’s only 2.5 miles, but it had to be more than double that! Very narrow with craggly, pointy, cascading rock for the majority of the trail.

Off Ortega highway near lake Elsinore. Awsome. We’ll do this one again! First time I’ve ever not seen a single mtb on a trail! But then again, it’s beyond difficult. But that’s what makes it fun! :smiley:


San Juan Loop 021.jpg

Wow, from the look of that trail, 2.5 miles is probably plenty! Then some nice poison water at the end… Caution: One of the reasons they might say not to drink it is giardia (sp?). That’s what’s in the rivers along our local trails, and it can be difficult to diagnose, and nasty.

Yo, Terry:

Kindly post directions to that trail. Where’s the drop in? How do you shuttle it? All that Jazz.



This is the geoladders link that has all the trail info.

It’s 2/3 of the way between san juan cap and lake elsinore, directly off of route 74 (ortega highway). I want to do it again, soon!:smiley:

It’s a big parking lot, right across from the Candy Store about 20 miles from Antonio Prkwy.
I laughed most the way through that vid! What a great, fun day.
I was teasing Perry about not drinking the waer. The sign says “Pump water for a few minutes before drinking” Got a good reaction from him though.

My house is 20 minutes from there, if your going to drive down, I’m on the way and would be glad to drive you.

Big T
That was fun, Good video. Doc. thanks for driving. hope you find some really fun trials while in in Santa Rosa. ps any one ride in or around santa rosa PM me. thanks to all for so much fun. :smiley:

Terry, Jrdug, et al:

I’ve gotta go to North Carolina tomorrow for work but (probably) get back on Friday, unless we have to film part of the Duke/Florida St. game, then i won’t be back till Sat. night. Either way I’d like to ride that trail on Sunday if you guys are up for it.


Sunday would be good!

Yeah that sounds like somethin’. I wanna ride saturday too!

“Trail” is a generous term for what you guys rode.

Nice job!

Nice vid.
Looks like a fun place to ride!!!

Yeah, it’s more like a…frozen “river” of rocks!

I wish i had a muni… man i live so close too…

Where in CA do you live? :thinking: If it’s Berkeley, CA, then I’d say you’re about 500 miles away.